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Human Resources Management (HRMT)

This is a list of the Human Resources Management (HRMT) courses available at Kwantlen.

HRMT 3115 CR-3

Human Relations in Organizations

Students will apply and use key concepts of human behaviour in organizations, with in depth focus on the phenomena of communication, leadership, decision-making, conflict and change at the individual, group, and organizational levels. Students will further their development of interpersonal skills that contribute to effective functioning in organizational settings. Students will assess their human relations strengths and weaknesses and identify opportunities to substantively increase individual contribution to the organization and achieve higher levels of personal fulfillment in their career and life.

HRMT 3125 CR-3

Employment Law

Students will research, review and apply the applicable statute and common law regulating the employment relationship. Areas to be dealt with include employment agreements, the duties of the employer and employee, and termination of the relationship, including the law of wrongful dismissal. Also covered are the statutory schemes which affect the employment relationship including the Employment Standards Act. Attention will also be paid to Human Rights legislation including the duty to accommodate, and emerging Privacy law will also be addressed.

HRMT 3135 CR-3

Recruitment and Selection

Students will use the most up-to-date aspects of the current issues and methodologies used in recruiting and selecting employees for organizations as essential components of strategic human resources planning, with an emphasis on their strategic role in enhancing organizational performance at all levels. They will deal with contemporary developments and their practical applications related to organization and job analysis, competencies and performance management, employee recruitment, screening and selection, testing, interviewing and related decision making.

HRMT 3145 CR-3

Occupational Health and Safety

Students will work as a member of a team to identify strategic organizational practices for occupational health and safety consistent with the organization's strategy; improve occupational health and safety practices through the assessment of education and communication needs and the provision of appropriate programs; and analyze program effectiveness and track accident reports and health outcomes based on information and data from a Human Resource Information System.

HRMT 3255 CR-3

Total Compensation

Students will evaluate and implement a road map to evolving compensation strategy and design. Students will use the process an HR practitioner follows in order to put together an effective compensation program according to current best practices. The focus is on performance-based approaches to compensation that will help create programs that support an organization's broad based strategic needs. The most advanced thinking in job analysis, job evaluation, compensation surveys, contingency-based compensation plans, current executive compensation packages, productivity measurement and the use of computers in managing compensation programs are some of the concepts and issues students will use in the course.

HRMT 3265 CR-3

Employee Development and Coaching

Students will use best professional practices focusing on the management of training and development as a critical investment in an organization's human resources capital. They will demonstrate processes centered around the roles and responsibilities of HRD professionals, a model of training, importance of needs analysis, strategic goal setting, program design, on- and off-the-job training methodologies, transfer of training, training evaluation and costing, diversity of training programs, as well as the management development process. Students will also utilize coaching techniques as a powerful intervention to enhance organizational results by influencing the way people think and work together.

Prerequisites: HRMT 3115

HRMT 4115 CR-3

Labour Relations

Students will practice the application of collective agreement language in an organizational setting through a series of grievance cases covering all aspects of a collective agreement. Students will use grievance decisions to prepare language proposals for negotiations, and will confront issues surrounding labour disruptions and the application of Labour Relations legislation.

Prerequisites: HRMT 3125

Co-requisites: HRMT 3135 and HRMT 3145 and HRMT 3255

HRMT 4125 CR-3

Organizational Development

Students will research, review and present key findings on best practices related to a variety of key organization development concepts, such as: the process of organization development; human process interventions; techno-structural interventions; human resources management intervention; strategic interventions and special applications of organization development, including corporate coaching.

Prerequisites: HRMT 3115 and HRMT 3265

Co-requisites: ENTR 4110

Transferable (refer to transfer guide )

HRMT 4500 CR-6

Strategic Human Resources Management

Students will synthesize developmental, leadership and application experiences to analyze factors internal and external to the organization and provide strategic recommendations based on an organization's human capital; develop strategic human resource plans in concert with the organization's strategic plan; and implement plans to address gaps in an organization's capabilities in order to carry out strategy. They will also design strategic staffing processes to maintain organizational effectiveness, and analyze trends in the organization's environment and develop appropriate HR responses. Students will work directly with an organization on a significant human resources management project in a six-week, part-time graded practicum.

Prerequisites: HRMT 3125 and HRMT 3135 and HRMT 3145 and HRMT 3255 and HRMT 3265

Co-requisites: HRMT 4115 and HRMT 4125

Transferable (refer to transfer guide )

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