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Apprenticeship Payments, Refunds and Fee Adjustments

Regulations regarding fee payment deadlines, refunds of tuition, and withdrawals are unique for apprenticeship levels.

Fee Payment

Students registering in an apprenticeship level must pay in full at the time of registration.

Apprentice Evaluation Fee

For each apprenticeship level registration, students will be assessed a $10.00 Apprentice Evaluation Fee that is non-refundable and in addition to tuition and student fees.

Refunds and Fee Adjustments Rules

Students registered in apprenticeship level must notify KPU on withdraw decisions and are subject to refund and fee adjustments as stated below. Apprentices deemed ineligible for an apprenticeship level are exempt from the refund penalty, and will receive a full refund except the Apprentice Evaluation Fee. There are no penalties for being on a waitlist or if an apprenticeship level is cancelled.

Withdraw notification: Tuition Fee Refund:
42 days or more prior to the start of class 95%
41 to 21 days prior to the start of the class 50%
20 to 15 days prior to the start of the class 25%
14 days or less prior to the start of class* 0%

*A student who withdraws from an apprenticeship level after this time is not entitled to a refund of the evaluation fee or tuition; however student fees and student association fees will be refunded until the end of the first week of classes.

Sponsored Students

Students whose fees are being paid by a sponsoring agency must complete the Apprenticeship Registration Form and submit to Apprentice Services for registration processing. Sponsored students are responsible for all tuition fees; liability will be removed once the Apprenticeship Registration Form and Letter of Authorization is received. Additional information is available on the Apprenticeship Services website.


Students may withdraw from an apprenticeship level until the mid-point of the course. To officially withdraw, a student must do so by the published deadline. Non-attendance by itself does not constitute withdrawal from a course. A student is considered fully registered until she or he has either withdrawn using the online registration system or submitted a Course Status Change form. A student who stops attending class but does not withdraw by the deadline will be assigned a grade based on the work completed in the level. If a student withdraws during the second week of the course to the mid-point, the course(s) will appear on the student's official transcript with a grade of "W". Withdrawals will not be permitted after the mid-point. All withdrawals are subject to the Refunds and Fee Adjustments Rules .

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