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Arborist Technician: Apprenticeship


Arborists manage and care for the trees in our urban environment. The arborist technician is the first of three sequential trades credentials in arboriculture. The arborist technician job focuses on work conducted from the ground and in support of the climbing arborist (second credential).

The Arborist Technician Apprenticeship links learning and employment by providing apprentices the opportunity to further their education, while maintaining full-time employment in the arboriculture industry. An apprenticeship is established when an employer and employee complete, sign and register an apprentice and sponsor registration form with the Industry Training Authority (ITA, www.itabc.ca). Apprentices may also apply to the ITA for work based training completed before the apprenticeship is established. Refer to www.itabc.ca for information.

Arborist technician apprentices attend one 8-week long technical training session at the Langley Campus of KPU. Topics include tree and shrub identification, rigging and climbing, pruning, planting, falling, equipment use, and safe work practices. The curriculum used for technical training has been developed and approved by the arboriculture industry.

Journeypersons in arboriculture are in demand. Municipal parks departments and the large private arboriculture industry sector are looking to certified arboriculturist technicians to fill a significant number of ground arborist positions.

Training Dates & Academic Timetable

The proposed technical training schedule can be found at kpu.ca/registration/timetables/trades/hort. The schedule beyond the current year is subject to change www.tradestrainingbc.ca/apprenticeship


In addition to applicable tuition fees, students require the following:

Employment Insurance (EI) Eligibility

Provincial program financial supports must be applied for online through the Apprentice Online Portal at www.workbc.ca. Information on EI is available at www.servicecanada.gc.ca. It is recommended that eligible apprentices apply for these supports four weeks in advance of the start of their technical training and application must be made no later than the first day of technical training.

Student Profile

Students interested in apprenticeship should have a strong desire for hands-on outdoor work, enjoy nature and living things, be concerned about the environment, and have entrepreneurial talents. Individuals with allergies to dust, pollen or plant products, or specific chemicals should be aware of the potential impact on their health. Physical fitness and a healthy back is required for a successful career in arboriculture. Apprentices may work with plant protection products.

General Prerequisites

The following requirements apply:

Note: International student enrolment requires approval of the Dean.

Program Requirements

Note: AARB courses are assessed Tuition Category 2.b.2 tuition and fees for domestic students.

Arborist Technician Level 1 (AARB 1010)

Credential Awarded

Upon successful completion of an apprentice level, KPU will report your technical training completion information to the Industry Trade Authority (ITA) in order for the ITA to determine credit towards your designated apprenticeship.

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