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Turfies practice for an interview

Students of HORT 1132 - Turfgrass Operations wrapped up their Fall 2016 session with "Interview Day". Purpose is to develop student skills of Resume, Cover letter, Portfolio and Interviewing. 4 industry professionals were the panel for 20 minute individual student interviews while their classmates watched. Each interview concluded with the panel commenting on students' performance.

Awesome Plant ID App!

KPU's School of Horticulture goes global with this innovative Plant Database App that takes plant and pest identification to a whole new level!

This app has been developed to help users quickly identify plants using smart phones and tablets. There are over 1500 plant entries and 20,000 images with close-up details of the leaves, flowers, fruits, or cones taken from the full web version of the KPU Plant Database. There are direct links to search the internet for more information on each plant or pest entry. Plant and pest favorites can also be stored (to review for tests, for consideration in a landscape plan, etc.).

The paid version allows users to upload their own images with searchable descriptions as a means to record where and when the plant was found. These plants can then be found again to observe seasonal changes, to help other users locate the plants, or to monitor plant growth or pests. Students can even create personalized digital herbarium or bug collection to become better prepared for tests!

Volunteering at Pacific Links Championship

"From crisp lined tee-boxes,to laser cut fairways, to mint rolling greens, Bear Mountain Golf Course can be described in few choice words like dialed-in, or perfect. Add some of the world’s top elite players into the mix and who wouldn't want to be involved with the Pacific Links Bear Mountain Championship? The fans and volunteers from our Turf Management Diploma program followed these legendary players around the scenic mountain course for a very exciting three day tournament. Volunteering for an event like this is something every student should experience. "
- by Josh Carlsen KPU  - Turf Management Student

An interview with Janis Matson

Her knowledge of trees and shrubs has been developed over 30 years of working in horticulture. She is one of our instructor, an accomplished garden designer and garden builder, certified arborist, owner of Shoreline Landscape Design and someone who has been guiding gardeners to pick the proper tree for years.
- by STEVE WHYSALL – Vancouver Sun

Industry partnership gift of original art

The KPU Faculty of Science and Horticulture was recently gifted an original artwork from Bur-Han Garden and Lawn Care, a close School of Horticulture industry contact. The painting, an original by Victoria artist Janet Anderson, is of the dogwood, called “Spring.” “Several of our employees have completed the KPU’s landscape horticulture apprenticeship program and we were looking for a meaningful way to say thank you for the excellent hands-on training our employees have received and will continue to receive in the years to come,” said Robert Hannah, co-owner of Bur-Han.
“What a wonderful way for our horticulture programs to get recognized by the industry,” said Dr. Elizabeth Worobec, dean of the Faculty of Science and Horticulture. “We are very thankful for this stunning piece of art and we look forward to continuing working with Bur-Han.”
The painting is prominently displayed in the reception area of the Faculty of Science and Horticulture Dean’s Office at KPU Langley.

KPU educators and industry team up once again

Over the course of three days, four local teens living with complex needs participated in a unique Greenskeeper training course at KPU’s School of Horticulture in Langley and Eaglequest Coyote Creek Golf Club in Surrey.
Formed in collaboration with the Surrey School District , Coyote Creek Golf Club and KPU the training was custom-designed and organized by our Turf Management instructor Stan Kazymerchyk to address the special learning needs of the participants.
“This is a repeat of our inaugural event last May, an uplifting collaboration between industry, community and educational partners,. It showcases how well we can all work together to create unique learning and career opportunities for teens living with complex needs.”
- Stan Kazymerchyk
“The fact that our students were so engaged throughout the 3-day course is a testimony to the level of training provided by this experienced group of instructors.”
- Education Assistant Kenneth Gannon
“This was an amazing experience for me because I got to learn how to operate new equipment which is something that I have never been able to do before. It also helped me meet new people and get to know them,”
- one of the students.

Our students won bronze at the national!

Skills Canada National Competition , was held in the city of Moncton, NB , (June 5-8, 2016) where 500 youth from across Canada competed in over 40 skilled trade and technology contests for the opportunity to reach the pinnacle of excellence and be named national champion in their chosen field. We are very proud of Claire MacLean and Dan Strain, KPU Horticulture Apprentice students, who worked tirelessly over the three days event and walked away with the BRONZE! Let’s also congratulate Rob Welsh for his skills and dedication as a coach.

First Green On Sportsfields a Hit!

This inaugural event used the resources of Township of Langley sportsfields/staff/equipment, Kwantlen Polytechnic University Turf Management staff/equipment, TerraLink Horticulture staff and WCTA guidance. Initial LSS teacher input was critical to aligning school learning needs and levels with topics and level of instruction.
Dan Allen of Township of Langley (and KPU Turf Grad -see picture) covered the cultural processes of aeration, topdressing and overseeding. This included the physics of soil, water, air and compaction; sand topdressing purposes and needs; and the ecosystem dynamics of overseeding. This station also featured live demos of aeration, dethatching, topdressing and overseeding.
First Green is a Seattle-based non-profit organization established to provide outdoor STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and environmental education learning labs for teachers and students.  These labs are done on golf courses or sportsfields.  Western Canada Turfgrass Association (WCTA) is First Green’s authorized organization to promote First Green’s trademarked programs, training and field trips in Western Canada.  WCTA initiated the Canadian premiere of First Green at Vancouver Golf Club and Redwoods Golf Club.  Turfgrass managers and golf course superintendents interested in potentially hosting a First Green event can contact Stan Kazymerchyk at