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HORT 2302 & HORT 2306 Summer Work Experience

For important information on:
  • What is required?
  • How do I find a job?
  • When should I do this?
  • Do I have to do paid work?
  • Can I use time I did in a job before starting my program?
  • Is the job suitable for Work Experience credits?
  • Can I use work from more than one employer?
  • Can I work abroad?
  • Do I have to do any paperwork?
  • What next – how do I get started?
  • Registration?
PDF icon HORT 2302 & 2306 Frequently Asked Questions.pdf

Attention Horticulture Students:

  • List of HORT courses and prerequisites
  • Not sure which courses to take?
  • Have questions about the bachelor degrees?
  • Want to make sure that you are on track to graduate?
  • Have academic questions or concerns?
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Advising - Educational Forms for Students
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Botany/ Plant Science Lab Reviews topics:

Angiosperms - Practice Key Inflorescence Types Plant Growth Regulators
Angiosperm Life Cycle Leaves - External Respiration
Cell Types Leaves - Internal Roots - Internal
Compound Microscopes Light & Temperature Effects Seed Germination
Dissecting Microscopes Spore Plants Starch Digestion
Flower Morphology Modifications - Leaf Stems - External
Fruit Types Modifications - Root Stems - Internal
Gymnosperm Life Cycle Modifications - Stem Tissue Culture
Gymnosperm Families Photosynthesis Transpiration

Pest Management/ Plant Health Lab Reviews topics:

Abiotic - Chemical Fungi - Asexual Structures Nematodes
Abiotic - Mechanical Fungi - Coenocytic Mould Parasitic Plants
Abiotic - Nutritional Fungi - Mushroom & Shelf Protists
Abiotic - Physical Fungi - Rust Sample Collection & Prep.
Arthropod Classes Fungi - Sac Symptoms & Signs
Backpack Sprayer Insect Feeding Symptoms Turfgrass Pests
Bacteria Insect Orders Vertebrate & Mollusc Pests
Biological Control Agents IPM Summary Viruses
Ectomycorrhizae Leaf Spots Weeds
Endomycorrhizae Microscope Competency Wood Pests & Distortions