Horticulture Apprenticeship Programs



(Red Seal Trade)


Landscape horticulturists are knowledgeable and skilled professionals who construct and maintain gardens, parks, golf courses and other landscape environments.  They propagate, cultivate and study plants.  They diagnose and treat damaged and diseased plants.  They survey and assess landscapes, draw sketches and interpret plans.  In addition, Landscape Horticulturists advise clients on issues related to plant health and landscape construction. 

The trade promotes and practices environmental consciousness and sustainable development.  With an increased global awareness of environmental change, the public is seeking the leadership of the trade to conserve, protect, and enhance ecosystems and living spaces. Landscape Horticulturists are in demand.  Municipal parks departments, golf courses, and landscape contractors often list a Certificate of Qualification as a requirement or preference when hiring Horticulturists.

The Landscape Horticulturist apprentice must complete four technical training levels.  During each level, apprentices attend a six-week (180 hours) technical training session for theoretical and practical instruction at KPU.  All courses take place on the KPU Langley campus.

Red Seal Certification as a Landscape Horticulturist is awarded upon successful completion of the four levels of technical training, 5280 work-based training hours, and the Interprovincial Red Seal Exam. 

See the KPU Calendar for more information about the Apprenticeship in Landscape Horticulturist

Note: Training schedules are subject to change.

All apprenticeship dates are listed on the Trades Training BC web site.

For a detailed class schedule, click here (must have a KPU student ID # to login; select 'Apprenticeship' from drop-down menu).


The arboriculture apprencticeship trade in BC includes three distinct Certificate of Qualification pathways: Arborist Technician, Climbing Arborist and Field Arborist but the KPU School of Horticulture only offers the Arborist Technician program. An individual does not need to complete all three programs, as you are awarded a Certificate of Qualification upon completion of each of the individual programs.

All courses take place on the Langley campus of KPU.

Arborist Technician (AARB 1010)

Arborist Technicians are skilled in many aspects of woody plant care including identifying, planting and pruning trees.  Arborist Technicians work from the ground and assist tree climbers.  They use chainsaws, select and install rigging gear for the safe felling, limbing and bucking of trees, chip brush, and clean-up sites after tree care operations.

Certification of Arborist Technician will be granted to apprentices who successfully complete eight weeks of technical training and 1600 hours of work based training. 

See KPU Calendar for more information about the Apprenticeship in Arborist Technician



Step 1: Establish an Apprenticeship
Individuals are indentured through a signed and registered Apprenticeship Agreement between the Provincial Government, the employee, and their employer. The information and agreements are available through the Industry Training Authority at 1-866-660-6011 or 778-328-8700 or on-line at www.itabc.ca.

To begin an apprenticeship, an application can be downloaded from ITA’s site, completed, and faxed to 778-328-8701. Any Prior Learning Assessment (credit for previous work experience and/or vocational training) must be negotiated before the Apprenticeship Agreement is signed. Some students may find that this process will grant them credit for portions of the technical training and/or the required workplace hours. Once indentured, students sign up for Technical Training at KPU. For additional information please visit the Apprenticeship web page at www.itabc.ca

Do you have a sponsor/employer?
HortEducation is the industry training organization for the horticulture trade. This organization is run by industry for industry. It is their objective to see all students succeed in their apprenticeship program through interactive learning and mentoring.

HortEducation can act as your sponsor to assist you, as a new apprentice, with registration to the Industry Training Authority (ITA) of British Columbia. This sponsorship will last for one year upon registration with ITA. HortEducation cannot sign off on your work-based hours. It is important to transfer sponsorship to your new employer as soon as possible. HortEducation can help you through the process of changing to a new sponsor.

Please contact HortEducation for sponsorship:

Step 2: Enrol at KPU. Download the Apprentice Registration Form

The Apprenticeship Registration form is available at kpu.ca/apprentice.  Please complete all required information and submit to Student Enrolment Services at KPU Langley, Surrey or Richmond or to Apprentice Services in KPU Tech Cloverdale.

  • Payment and Fee Information
    • A small, non-refundable Apprentice Evaluation fee will be charged for each registration
    • Full tuition and fees are due at the time of registration
      • Sponsored students must provide a Letter of Authorization from their sponsor to complete the registration process; this means that if your sponsor is paying your tuition, your sponsor needs to provide a letter to KPU allowing KPU to invoice them (letter authorizes KPU to invoice the sponsor for tuition).
    • Payments can be made in person by debit, cheque or money order (payable to KPU)
    • Review the Apprentice Payment, Refund and Fee Adjustment at www.kpu.ca/apprentice
  • Selecting an Intake
    • Program Schedule and registration CRN’s (course registration number) can be found online at www.kpu.ca/apprentice

Step 3: Apprentice Services

Once your registration application has been submitted, KPU Apprentice Services will confirm your eligibility.  A registration decision will be provided once the assessment is complete. 

Eligibility requirements for your program are listed in the ITA Program Profile (www.itabc.ca). 

If you require additional information please contact KPU Apprentice Services by email at apprentice@kpu.ca or 604-598-6102


Tuition fees per six-week sessions and eight-week sessions are subject to change annually. Please visit the Tuition & Fees website for more info. If you have any questions, please contact KPU Apprentice Services by email at apprentice@kpu.ca or 604-598-6102


The cost of the required texts for each level total approximately $250 to $300. Note: These costs are subject to change without notice.


Students are responsible for field trip costs, CSA safety footwear, safety vest or clothing, rain gear, accommodations, basic school supplies, and study materials.


Check the Trades Training BC website for current apprenticeship start dates and application deadlines. Registration is based on availability. 


Provincial program financial supports must be applied for online through the Apprentice Online Portal at www.workbc.ca. Information on EI is available at www.servicecanada.gc.ca. It is recommended that eligible apprentices apply for these supports four weeks in advance of the start of their technical training and application must be made no later than the first day of technical training.


Graduates of Horticulture Certificate (Foundation) Programs, at accredited B.C. Horticulture Institutions, currently ladder directly into level 3 of the Horticulture Apprenticeship Program. Journeypersons can transfer into the diploma program; they transfer or receive approximately 30 credits of course work. Call us at 604.599.3254 for more information or contact HortEducation.ca at 604.430.0422.


The KPU Calendar contains rules and regulations that govern students while at the university; each student is responsible for being aware of these rules and regulations. The calendar is available online at kpu.ca/calendar.


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