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Horticulture Faculty

Bryce, Laura Dip. Greenhouse Prod. (KPU)
Cunnin, Betty Cert. Landscape Hort. App. (Kwantlen), C. L. P. (C.N.L.A.), Cert. Qualification (B.C.), B.A. (S.F.U.), M.Ed. (S.F.U.), Cert. Arborist (I.S.A.), Cert. Hort. Tech. (C.N.L.A.)
Dunster, Kathy B.R.E. (U.B.C.), M.L.A. (Guelph), Ph.D. (Tor.)
Gradowski, Tomasz
Jones, Gary B.Sc. (Nottingham), M.Sc. (Cranfield), P.Ag., F.C.I. Hort. (UK), Instructor Diploma​
Kazymerchyk, Stan Honours B.Sc (Turf Management, Oregon State University), P.I.D. (Ministry of Adv. Ed.)
Lait, Cameron BSc. (University of Victoria), Ph.D (University of Alberta)
Lamont, Jamie Dip. Landscape Design Installation (KPU), Cert. Arborist (I.S.A.), Red Seal Landscape Horticulturalist Cert. of Qualification, Cert. Hort. Technician (C.L.N.A.)
Lyons, Russ
Matson, Janis Dip. Landscape Design, P.I.D. (Ministry of Adv. Ed.)
Pond, Ellen
Regan, Daniel Cert. Outdoor Power Equip. T.Q. (Min. Labour)
Roth, Aaron B.Sc. (U​BC), M.Sc.(UBC) , P.I.D. (Ministry of Adv. Ed.)
Schlamp, Kristine Dip. Greenhouse Mgt. (KPU), B.A.H.T. (Olds), M.P.M. (S.F.U.)
Valana, Maria B.Sc. Greenhouse Production (Olds), Dip. Horticulture Management (TRU), Cert. Landscape/Horticulture (TRU), P.I.Dip. (VCC), Cert. Pesticide Applicator (B.C. Ministry of Env.), RSE (CCDA)
Walz, Tom Dip. Horticulture Technology (KPU), ISA BCMA, WUAA/HEBC Falling & Bucking End. Cert. #98