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Product Design

Product designers combine science, design and technology to develop new or improve existing products that focus on innovative and responsive solutions for sustainable human development.

Product designers' integral focus is on process, taking concepts and ideas to completion by analyzing and implementing product designs from manufacturing to distribution. Whether identifying underserved, existing opportunities in the global market or innovating new products to fill people's needs, product designers are the leaders of tomorrow.

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Student Profile

Applicants to design programs come from diverse backgrounds and age groups. You may be applying to the Product Design program as a graduate from high school, or you may be transferring from another KPU program, or from another institution, or you may be a design professional, wanting to upgrade your credentials. We'd be delighted to receive your application and discuss your possible educational pathway with you.

Perhaps your background includes an active interest in recreation, sports, dance, special occupations or an ambition to improve the design of items related to these pursuits. Or, perhaps you are an entrepreneur wanting to improve the quality of life for groups under-represented by product design. Your creative skills might be in drawing, painting, photography, computer graphics, sculpture, crafts and other 3D work. You might simply be inventive and enjoy making gadgets and taking them apart. Whatever your profile, you are likely to be a risk-taker, problem-solver, willing to push boundaries, able to work independently and in teams, and engage in a rigorous design education.

It is strongly recommended that you have basic skills in English communication, word processing, basic mathematics, plus an awareness of product design, with ideas about how to improve current products and processes – in Canada and internationally.

Because of the varied profiles of our applicants, we will work with you to construct an educational pathway suitable to your goals. Our aim is to ensure that your time at KPU is enriching and enjoyable.

Career Opportunities

Product design is an evolving design field. Locally, however, there are many very successful companies in Vancouver, known around the world for excellence in recreational and technical gear. There are also many opportunities that students might consider, overseas, in countries noted for manufacture of these items.

Upon graduation, you will have produced an extensive portfolio of innovative work, including a major research and development project that combines all the skills and knowledge necessary for this field. You would be prepared for such careers as:

  • Product designer
  • Industrial designer
  • Product developer
  • Product buyer
  • Product production supervisor
  • Environmental designer
  • Packaging designer

You could work independently as a consultant, an entrepreneur, as a staff designer for an existing design studio, retailer, or manufacturer.

Last Updated: 14-Jun-2017

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