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Health Unit Coordinator (HAUC)

This is a list of the Health Unit Coordinator (HAUC) courses available at KPU.

Enrolment in some sections of these courses is restricted to students in particular programs. See the Course Planner - - for current information about individual courses.

For information about transfer of credit amongst institutions in B.C. and to see how individual courses transfer, go to the BC Transfer Guide

HAUC 10005 Credits

Medical Terminology

Students will learn to identify, articulate, and spell medical terms that describe the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the body systems. They will learn to identify various surgical procedures and equipment used in hospital units.

Co-requisites: HAUC 1005, 1010 and 1015.

Attributes: F2A4

HAUC 10052.5 Credits

Communication and Logistic Skills

Students will use effective communication skills to enable them to work within a health care team environment.

Co-requisites: HAUC 1000

Attributes: F2A4

HAUC 10102.5 Credits

Chart Records and Admissions

Students will learn to keep accurate patient charts and records and to maintain charts in accordance with hospital confidentiality guidelines and policies. They will process admissions, transfers, discharges, and will differentiate between elective or emergency admissions.

Co-requisites: HAUC 1000

Attributes: F2A4

HAUC 10152.5 Credits

Pharmacology Fundamentals

Students will learn about drugs most frequently used in hospital settings. They will examine the classification of drugs and identify them by both generic and trade names. Students will be introduced to drug administration concepts that use the 24-hour clock.

Prerequisites: HAUC 1000

Attributes: F2A4

Not Transferable

HAUC 11003.5 Credits

Treatment and Medication Orders

Students will process physician treatment orders, including preparing and updating dietary information. They will file requisitions, progress notes and follow-up reports, and will assist in the scheduling of treatment appointments including patient transport. Students will learn to transcribe and process medication orders and to identify the forms that must be prepared for use by professional staff. They will utilize the Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS) to process medication orders.

Prerequisites: HAUC 1000, 1005, 1010 and 1015.

Co-requisites: HAUC 1110

Attributes: F2A4

HAUC 11102 Credits

Laboratory Orders 1

Students will learn to transcribe physicians' orders for the most common chemistry and hematology lab tests using reference and resources as needed. They will learn the communication system used to ensure that complete information regarding patient test results is shared with all relevant individuals and/or departments.

Co-requisites: HAUC 1100

Attributes: F2A4

HAUC 11152 Credits

Laboratory Orders 2

Students will learn to transcribe physicians' orders for laboratory tests for the most common communicable diseases, bacterial infections, and blood bank requirements. They will learn the communication system used for sharing complete information about test results with all relevant individuals/departments. Students will utilize appropriate reference resources to complete laboratory orders.

Prerequisites: HAUC 1110

Attributes: F2A4

HAUC 11203 Credits

Diagnostic Orders

Students will learn the patient referral process for consulting physicians, physiotherapists or occupational therapists. They will learn how to accurately order diagnostic tests with the appropriate personnel and departments.

Prerequisites: HAUC 1115

Attributes: F2A4

HAUC 11252.5 Credits

Medical/Surgical/Maternity Orders

Students will learn to complete various levels of medical, surgical, and maternity orders. They will learn to transcribe post-operative orders with special emphasis on patient controlled analgesia (PCA) orders.

Prerequisites: HAUC 1120

Attributes: F2A4

HAUC 11503 Credits

Unit Coordinator Role

Students will explore communicating professionally and accurately with the health care team and how to utilize communication systems in health agencies.  They will learn the importance of maintaining accuracy while communicating patient information verbally and in writing. Students will explore confidentiality guidelines and related policies to work as a Unit Coordinator and examine procedures for common emergency codes.

Attributes: F2A4

HAUC 11603 Credits

Medical Language Foundations

Students will learn to identify and define combining forms, suffixes and prefixes of medical terms.  Students will learn to recognize, articulate and spell medical terms that describe the anatomy and physiology of each body system. They will identify and decode symbols and abbreviations used in medical language. Students will complete course requirements online or in class.

Attributes: F2A4

HAUC 11902 Credits

Clinical 1

Students will begin to perform the Unit Coordinator role with preceptor supervision.  They will apply classroom theory in a clinic setting.  The focus will be on development of communication skills and working relationships in a health care environment.

Co-requisites: HAUC 1150 and 1160

Attributes: F2A4

HAUC 12004 Credits


Students will apply classroom theory on a medical, surgical, maternity, or specialty hospital unit. They will shadow their preceptor at the beginning and gradually increase their responsibilities to reach a mastery level by the end of the practicum. Students will also attend a resume and interview skills workshop.

Prerequisites: HAUC 1125

Attributes: F2A4

HAUC 12501 Credits

Transition to Role

Students will prepare to practice their Unit Coordinator skills off site by completing objectives in class, orientation modules online and attend off-site computer training sessions.  Students will also complete a resume and interview skills workshop and should expect to complete learning objectives in class, online and off campus.  This is a 20 hour preparatory course for the final clinical course.

Prerequisites: HAUC 1190

Co-requisites: HAUC 1260, 1270 and 1280

Attributes: F2A4

HAUC 12604 Credits

Medical Applications

Students will learn drug administration concepts, processes and protocols for safe transcription of patient medication orders. They will learn the components of a medication order and how to prioritze prescribers orders.  Students will identify medications by classification(s), trade and generic names. Students will utilize pharmaceutical resources to ensure accurate transcription and to locate information. They will process medication orders, select and transcribe onto appropriate patient forms and records.

Prerequisites: HAUC 1190

Co-requisites: HAUC 1270 and 1280

Attributes: F2A4

HAUC 12704 Credits

Diagnostic Applications

Students will learn to accurately process prescriber's orders for the most commonly ordered diagnostic tests, referrals and consultations using appropriate reference resources.  Students will learn to communicate test results with the appropriate personnel and/or departments.

Prerequisites: HAUC 1190

Co-requisites: HAUC 1260 and 1280

Attributes: F2A4

HAUC 12803 Credits

Specialty Services

Students will experience the role of the Unit Coordinator in specialty acute care units, interacting with health care teams, clients and families.  They will be exposed to the forms, orders and procedures for these environments.

Prerequisites: HAUC 1190

Co-requisites: HAUC 1260 and 1270

Attributes: F2A4

HAUC 12904 Credits

Clinical 2

Students will perform the Unit Coordinator role in a healthcare agency with preceptor supervision. Students will perform tasks accurately and proficiently to master the role and responsibilities of a Unit Coordinator.  Upon completion of this course, students will be prepared to function independently in a healthcare setting.

Prerequisites: HAUC 1190 and 1250

Attributes: F2A4

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