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Apprenticeship Programs

Applied skills come from applied experience. Apprenticeships offer exceptional opportunities to work within the construction, forestry, heavy equipment, metal, service, electrical, recreational, manufacturing, mining, transportation and utilities fields.

Apprenticeship Programs at KPU

Apprenticeship Training Overview

There are three major components of apprenticeship training:

  • A formal agreement between the employer, apprentice and Industry Training Authority
  • In-school technical training
  • Work-based training (on the job)

Role of an Apprentice

Apprentices have an employer to sponsor them and are registered with the Industry Training Authority (ITA) ; more importantly they have made a commitment to learn applied skills both on the job and in school. To enhance your understanding of the requirements to earn certification it is recommended you review the Industry Training Program Profile for your trade on the Industry Training Authority website (

In-School Technical Training

As an apprentice discuss appropriate times with your employer to attend in-school technical training for approximately 6 - 10 weeks per year over a four year period. To progress, an apprentice must meet ITA program requirements for the in-school technical training and standardized level exam that includes both practical and theoretical components. KPU offers in-school apprentice technical training in the skilled trades listed below.

Work-Based Training

All apprenticeship programs have identified work-based training. On-the-job training provides an opportunity for students to apply the theory that they learned through their in-school technical training into practice. Track your hours/work with your sponsor and report this information to the ITA every 6 to 12 month. Review your apprentice transcript on line through ITA Direct Access ( to ensure your information is up-to-date and accurate.

Last Updated: 14-Jun-2016

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