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Change in Registration

In the event that a student may no longer want to be registered in a course or program, the change to their registration may take different forms. The different courses of action are based mainly on the timing of the change within the semester.

Dropping a Course

Prior to the first day of classes, a student may adjust their course enrolment (drop a course or courses) without financial or academic penalty, as per Policy and Procedures FM8, Student Tuition and Fees. Dropping a waitlisted course incurs no financial penalty.

The add/drop period is defined as the first week of classes. If a student drops a course during the add/drop period there is no academic penalty and there is no record on their transcript. However, the student is subject to a financial penalty of 30% of tuition owed.

Withdrawing from a Course

A student registered in a course may withdraw without academic penalty until 66% of the course has elapsed. The exact deadline in each semester for withdrawing from a course is published in the Academic Schedule of the University Calendar and in the online Registration Guide. A student must officially withdraw from a course by the published deadline. If a student withdraws after the add/drop deadline and by the withdrawal deadline, the course(s) will appear on the student's official transcript with a grade of "W".

Non-attendance in a course does not constitute withdrawal. A student is considered fully registered in a course until they have officially withdrawn. Withdrawal may be done in the Registration section of Online Self-Service or by submitting a Course Status Change form (for those programs where registration is not done online). A student who stops attending class, but does not withdraw by the deadline, will be assigned a grade based on the work completed in the course.

A recipient of student loans should confirm whether their status will be affected before withdrawing from a course. To be eligible for a student loan, a student must be enrolled in at least 60% of a full course load for their given program.

Non-semester Based Programs

A student that is registered and wants to withdraw from a fixed-term or continuous-intake offering must inform Student Enrolment Services. A student registered in a course may withdraw without academic penalty until 66% of the course has elapsed.

Cancelled Courses

In the event that a course is cancelled, students will be contacted and issued either a full refund for the course, or a reduction in fees owing.

Last Updated: 10-Oct-2017

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