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How to De-register

As well as registering in classes, students may need to de-register themselves from classes.  Depending on the number of days before or after the first day of classes, the rules change.

Dropping a Course

Per policy C.39 (see kpu.ca/policies), students may adjust their course load (drop a course or courses) without financial or academic penalty prior to the first day of classes.  Dropping all courses results in forfeiture of the registration deposit and/or the Program Acceptance Deposit and/or the International Deposit.  Dropping a wait-listed course will incur no penalty.

During the first week of classes - the Late Registration Period - students may drop a course without academic penalty (no record on their transcript).  However, students are subject to a 30% of tuition penalty when they reduce their net billable tuition (credits or weeks).

Withdrawing from a Course

Students may withdraw from open enrolment and most limited enrolment courses until the end of the eighth week of a semester (or 50% of a course has elapsed). To officially withdraw from a course, a student must do so by the published deadline. The deadline for withdrawing is published in each semester's online Registration Guide and Timetable.

Non-attendance by itself does not constitute withdrawal from a course. A student is considered fully registered until she or he has either withdrawn using the online registration system or submitted a Course Status Change form (if registration in the program is not done online). A student who stops attending class but does not withdraw by the deadline will be assigned a grade based on the work completed in the course.

Before withdrawing from a course, recipients of student loans should confirm whether their status will be affected by the withdrawal. To be eligible for a student loan, a student must be enrolled in at least sixty (60) percent of a full course load for her or his program.

If a student withdraws during the second to eighth week of classes in a semester, the course(s) will appear on the student's official transcript with a grade of "W". Withdrawals will not be permitted after the end of the eighth week of classes.

A student who withdraws from all courses in a semester may need to apply for re-admission by the application deadline in order to register again at the University. Students will remain eligible for up to two additional consecutive semesters after applying and/or registering in an open access program.

Fixed Term Programs

A student who is registered in a fixed term program and who wishes to withdraw must complete the appropriate section on a Program Status Change form, obtain signatures from the instructor, and submit the form to Student Enrolment Services. Students may withdraw from courses only until the mid-point of each course.

Continuous Intake Programs

A student who is registered in a continuous-intake program who wishes to withdraw must complete the appropriate section on a Program Status Change Form, obtain signatures from the Library and the instructor, and submit the form to Student Enrolment Services.

Cancelled Courses

If a course is cancelled, students will be contacted by phone or KPU email.  Students will be issued a full refund or reduction in fees owing for cancelled courses and registration deposits will not be forfeited under these circumstances.

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