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How to Register

To register students must have submitted an Application for Admission by the published deadline and have been accepted for admission to KPU. Students are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of their registrations, and for meeting the stated prerequisites and co-requisites of a given course or program. Registration is primarily online, with in-person and telephone assistance available through Student Enrolment Services. Students registering online should check carefully that each transaction is completed, and review their registration record.

Detailed instructions about registering, the timetable, and registration dates and deadlines, are available in the Registration Guide (kpu.ca/registration).

Course Selection

Program requirements are listed in the Calendar.  Courses are scheduled then published in the Timetable, typically two weeks before the beginning of registration.  Students begin the registration process by selecting courses from their program requirements for which they meet the requisites.  Using the Timetable, a student then constructs a timetable, selecting a section (class) of each desired course in a way that creates a conflict-free timetable.

Course Load

A full course load in most programs is five (5) courses, although some selective entry programs may require more than this. If a student is not enrolled in such a program and wishes to enrol in more than five (5) courses in one semester, she or he must obtain permission from the Registrar or designate. Normally, a B average will be required before permission will be granted to carry an extra course. A course overload will not normally be considered for a student in his or her first semester at KPU.

Semester Credit Hours

All undergraduate level courses have semester credit hours assigned to them. The semester credit hour is a standard unit that represents a minimum of one (1) hour of instruction per week for a semester. Most undergraduate level courses carry three (3) semester credit hours, although they may require more than three hours of classroom instruction per week.

Full-time Status

A student who is enrolled in nine (9) or more semester credit hours is considered to be full-time. An International student who is enrolled in nine (9) or more semester credit hours is considered to be full-time.

Part-time Status

A student who is enrolled in fewer than nine (9) semester credit hours is considered to be part-time. An International student who is enrolled in fewer than nine (9) semester credit hours is considered to be part-time.

Note: A minimum course load of 9 semester credit hours, in a program that has a maximum course load of 15 credit hours, at the post-secondary level, is required to qualify for a student loan.

Eligibility to Register

Admission & Continuance

New students must have been admitted to KPU prior to registering.  Continuing student remain eligible to register for up to two (2) consecutive semesters after applying and up to three (3) consecutive semesters (withdrawals excluded) after registering for a semester.

Students who have not registered in over three consecutive semesters must re-apply for admission.

Registration Deposit

You must have a prepaid balance of at least $250 on your account prior to registering in any semester or for any program. New students in limited enrolment programs and new international students, will have prepaid a Program Acceptance Deposit and/or International Deposit; all other students, and continuing students must prepay a $250 deposit.

When to Register

Registration Times

Most students are assigned a registration time, at or after which they can register online.  Students registration time assignment can be found online, in myKwantlen, and is generally available 8-10 days before registration begins.

Registration Priority

The order of registration (the assignment of registration times) is governed by policy C.30 (see kpu.ca/policies)

Prerequisites and Co-requisites

Students are required to meet prerequisites and/or co-requisites for courses in which they intend to register, or have registered.  Students are allowed to register in a subsequent course while they are attending the prerequisite course.  However, in the event they do not achieve the requisite grade, students will be automatically de-registered from the subsequent course, and may forfeit their registration deposit.

In the event an error occurs, and a student becomes registered in a course for which they do not have the stated requisites, the requisites remain fully in effect, and the student may be de-registered once the error is corrected.

Unless stated otherwise, the minimum grade necessary to meet requisites is a 'C'.

Late Registration

Registration continues to the end of the first week of classes.  After the first week, students must obtain a Permission to Register form, signed by the appropriate signatories, and present it in person to Student Enrolment Services.  Switching sections or courses after the first week of classes is not permitted.

Waitlists for Courses

Most undergraduate courses offer the opportunity for students to place themselves on the waitlist when a section is full. Students may be on numerous waitlists, but not on multiple waitlists for the same course. By waitlisting for a course, students are responsible for checking their myKwantlen email every day, seven days per week, to see if they have been offered a seat as notifications are by email only. It does not cost anything to be on a waitlist and it does not count as registration; you will not be removed from a waitlist due to lack of payment.

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