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Paying Your Fees

Payment of Fees

Registration Deposit

Prior to registering, students must have a credit of $250.00 on their student account. The registration deposit is used as partial payment for courses in which the student is registered. It is non-refundable. If a student does not register at all in the semester, KPU will automatically transfer their deposit to the next term. A registration deposit can be transferred to the next semester a maximum of two times. Registering and then dropping all courses results in forfeiture of the registration deposit.

Program Acceptance Deposit

Limited enrolment program applicants are required to remit a non-refundable and non-transferable Program Acceptance Deposit (from a minimum of $250 to a maximum of 25% of the program fee) at the time the applicant is offered a seat. If the student completes the registration process, this deposit will be applied towards the full tuition fees. Payment of this deposit constitutes the equivalent of payment of the first-term registration deposit.

Payment of the Program Acceptance Deposit signifies acceptance of the seat by the applicant. Should the applicant not complete the registration process by registering on or before a specified deadline, the Program Acceptance Deposit is forfeited and retained by the University and the seat will be offered to another qualified applicant.

International Deposit

International applicants who are new to the institution must pay a non-refundable and non-transferable International Deposit of $1000 CAD prior to admission. The International Deposit will apply towards the tuition assessed for the first semester of study.

The International Deposit will be refunded only if a student is denied a study permit by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). The original letter of refusal from CIC must be submitted prior to the first day of classes along with the International Deposit Deferral/Refund Request Form.

Students who do not register for the semester specified will forfeit the entire International Deposit.

Fee Payment Deadlines

Instructions for the payment of fees assessed during registration are included as part of the online Registration Guide and Timetable for each semester.

Fees must be paid by the first deadline as published in the Registration Guide and Timetable each semester. If a student does not make arrangements to pay their fees in full by the first payment deadline, their entire semester registration may be cancelled without notification. For any registration activity after the first payment deadline students are required to pay in full immediately after registering, and no later than the arrears deadline (after the end of late registration). If a student does not pay their fees by the arrears deadline their registration will not be cancelled. They will be billed for the outstanding fees and assessed a late penalty (currently 5% of the outstanding amount, with a $10.00 minimum).

An additional penalty will be assessed on any outstanding balance four weeks after the first billing. Should the outstanding account balance not be paid at this time, the University reserves the right to forward the account to collections.

Fixed Term Programs

Students registering in a fixed term program will be notified by the Office of Admissions of the date by which fees must be paid. All fees must be paid prior to the start of classes.

Continuous Intake Programs

Students registering in continuous intake programs are required to pay for one semester (or the balance remaining) of tuition and other fees in advance, before beginning classes.

Students who are granted Fee Deferrals must contact Student Enrolment Services by the due date to arrange for continuation of their registration. Students for whom paying their tuition and other fees three months in advance is a hardship will be permitted to pay on a monthly basis if recommended by the Registrar or designate or the Financial Awards Officer after completing an assessment of need.

Students who do not pay their fees by the close of business on the first day of classes for the month for which fees are due will be subject to a late payment fee. A student who fails to pay the fees owing by the close of business on the third day of classes for the month for which fees are due will have her or his registration cancelled and the seat may be offered to another student.

The student may appeal for reinstatement through the normal KPU appeal process. If reinstatement is approved, the student will be required to pay a reinstatement fee in addition to the late payment fee. Reinstatement will be subject to the availability of a seat in the program.

How to Pay

Payment for domestic registration fees and tuition may be made by online banking, cash, cheque, debit card, Interac Online, bank transfer or money order. In addition, payment may be made by Passport to Education, scholarship, bursary, student loan or by a sponsoring agency. In-person third party payments are only permissible if accompanied by a written authorization bearing the student’s signature, and the name of the third party.

Credit Cards

Domestic students may pay registration fees and tuition by MasterCard credit card.  However a third-party convenience fee of 2% will be levied.  As the convenience charge is levied by a third-party, it is important to note that it is non-refundable by KPU, under any circumstance.  See kpu.ca/payments for more information.

International registration fees and tuition, international deposits, registration deposits, Program Acceptance Deposits, and Other Fees may be paid by credit card (Visa and MasterCard) as well as all the options listed below.

Passport to Education

Students using a Passport to Education as payment, will need to provide their Social Insurance Number for any amounts over $500.00. Passport amounts in excess of the account balance on a student's account will be refunded by cheque via postal mail about four weeks after registration ends.

Scholarships, Bursaries and Loans

Scholarships, Bursaries and Loans students relying on the proceeds from a scholarship, bursary or student loan to pay their tuition and other fees should refer to the Registration Guide and Timetable for each semester, or contact Student Awards and Financial Assistance (SAFA) regarding the deadline for a fee payment override.

Sponsored Students

Students whose fees are being paid by a sponsoring agency must ensure that a Letter of Authorization is received by Financial Services before your registration date. If you are relying on a sponsorship to cover the Registration Deposit, you must provide the Letter of Authorization before you can register. The Letter of Authorization may be faxed to the attention of Accounts Receivable at 604.599.2338. Any questions concerning sponsorship should be directed to Accounts Receivable at 604. 599.2242 or 604.599.2057.

Fines, Balances, Refunds and Adjustments

Returned Cheques

If a cheque is issued in payment for fees and is returned for any reason prior to the first payment deadline, students will have their registration cancelled. If a cheque is issued in payment for fees and is returned for any reason after the start of classes, students will not be removed from their program and/or courses. Instead, they will be billed for the amount owing and NSF fees and payment penalties will be applied.

Account Balances

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that any outstanding charges from previous registrations or other transactions with KPU have been cleared. KPU reserves the right to initiate action regarding any monies owed by the student in order to ensure that collection matters are brought to a timely and satisfactory conclusion.

Refunds and Fee Adjustments

Refunds or adjustments are provided under the conditions stated in Policy C.39. Specific instructions regarding the refund or adjustment of fees are provided in the Registration Guide and Timetable for each semester. Refund cheques will normally be mailed within six weeks after eligibility has been determined. The minimum amount refunded will be $5.00.

Policy C.39 can be viewed at the Library or online at kpu.ca/policies for further details.

Open Admission and Selective Entry

In general, students are entitled to a full refund, or a full reduction in outstanding fees, less the amount of the Registration Deposit, when courses are dropped by a specified deadline prior to the start of classes. This deadline is published in the online Registration Guide and Timetable.

Students who withdraw by the published deadline during late registration and thereby reduce their course load, will be granted a partial refund, or partial reduction in assessed fees (currently 70% of tuition fees). If the withdrawal is from all courses for the semester, the minimum charge assessed is the amount of the Registration Deposit.

If the adjusted fees exceed the amount already paid on the account, the student will be required to pay the difference by the Fee Payment Deadline. Late payments are subject to a penalty.

A student who withdraws from courses after the deadline specified for refunds/fee adjustments is not entitled to a refund if the course load is decreased.

Fixed Term Programs

Certain programs may establish individual refund schedules. These programs will provide information to students on the refund/fee adjustment deadlines prior to or upon registration.

In general, students who withdraw prior to the start of classes/program will receive a full refund or fee reduction, less the Deposit. Students who withdraw by the end of the first week of classes/program will be entitled to a partial refund or fee reduction (currently 70% of tuition fees). The minimum fee assessed is the amount of the Deposit or the 30% of the tuition fees, whichever is greater. A student who withdraws from a program or course after the first week of classes is not entitled to a refund.

Continuous Intake Programs

Students registered in continuous-intake programs are entitled to a refund or fee reduction of tuition and Student Association fees for each full month paid for but not utilized. Refunds will not be granted for partial months.

Guided Study

Because of the particular fee payment arrangements for instructor services, a student signing a guided study contract will not be eligible for any refund after the course has begun.

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