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Business & Quantitative Methods (BUQU)

This is a list of the Business & Quantitative Methods (BUQU) courses available at KPU.

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BUQU 11303 Credits

Business Mathematics

Students will learn methods, procedures and applications of business mathematics, including the mathematics of merchandising, simple interest, and compound interest. Applications include discounts and markups, cost-volume-profit, short-term and long-term loans, credit card debt, savings and payment plan annuities, mortgages, bonds and investment decisions. Note: Students may earn credit for only one of ACCT 1130 or BUQU 1130, as they are identical courses.

Attributes: PATH-2 QUAN

BUQU 12303 Credits

Business Statistics

Students will learn statistical concepts, methods and procedures used in business, including descriptive statistics--graphics and numerical presentations, probability theory, sampling, estimation, hypothesis testing and linear regression. The use of statistical software applications will form part of the course. Students will be expected to know, or to acquire on their own, basic Excel skills.
Note: Students may earn credits for only one of ACCT 1230 or BUQU 1230 as they are identical courses.

Attributes: QUAN

BUQU 21003 Credits

Quantitative Methods for Business and Economics

Students will learn the mathematical skills required for success in higher-level courses. Students will begin by deriving equations for the relationship between quantities such as national income and expenditure. They will draw graphs to illustrate the relationships they have found, and they will also identify the equilibrium. Students will learn to recognise the slope of a curve in a graph as a representation of a rate of change. They will apply the rate of change to practical economic problems, such as finding the optimum production level for a firm. By the end of the course, they will be able to find profit maxima or cost minima given constraints such as limited labour or machinery.

Prerequisites: ECON 1150 and ECON 1250

Attributes: QUAN

BUQU 32303 Credits

Applied Decision Analysis

Students will learn to identify those business situations that require formal decision-analysis, to select the appropriate computer model, to run the model using computer software, and to interpret and describe the results. Students will investigate several case-studies portraying both good and poor decision-making skills and will make a formal presentation of their findings in a group setting. Students will learn to determine the optimal strategy for an organisation, and to present a persuasive  case for the adoption of that strategy.

Prerequisites: One of the following:  BUQU 1230; ACCT 1230; MATH 1115; MATH 2315;  MATH 2341; PSYC 2300; CRIM 2103; SOCI 2365; or equivalent first-year statistics course.

Attributes: QUAN

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