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Technical Management & Services (TMAS)

This is a list of the Technical Management & Services (TMAS) courses available at KPU.

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TMAS 51003 Credits

Business Planning and Performance for Technical Businesses

Students in this course will explore and learn the concepts, issues, and themes related to analyzing business performance, business planning, strategy, and entrepreneurship. Students will develop their ability to analyze business performance and develop business plans that are aligned with the organizations’ strategic and financial goals. Various life phases of organizations will be explored to build an understanding of the impact on business performance and planning. Students will be encouraged to combine and apply their creativity and technical skills to develop a business strategy including, strategic and financial objectives for a technology or technical service based organization. Note: This course may be offered in compressed mode. Consult the current timetable.

Attributes: F2A9

TMAS 51103 Credits

Managing Technical Business Growth

Students will explore and evaluate challenges in the management of technology, engineering and technical services organizations as a business grows and develops in the face of growing complexity. Students will assume the roles of senior technical managers dealing with typical problems in a department within an environment of rapid change and growth: developing and implementing new infrastructure (business models, systems, processes, policies, practices), managing the deployment of resources, management of change, and managing project/technical professionals. Note: This course may be offered in compressed mode. Consult the current timetable.

Attributes: F2A9

TMAS 51203 Credits

Business Law for Technical Management and Services

This course addresses legal issues commonly encountered by technical professionals, best practices in identifying and mitigating legal risks, as well as strategies to avoid costly legal errors and to recognize when professional legal advice is necessary. Students will develop legal reasoning skills by examining various areas of the law that can interact to affect a single business transaction in a technical business environment. Note: This course may be offered in compressed mode. Consult the current timetable.

Attributes: F2A9

TMAS 51303 Credits

Consulting and Client Management Practices

Student will use an applied approach in developing practiced knowledge of the methodologies, tools, techniques and standards required for the professional consultant. The five stages of the consulting process will be leveraged while working as part of a consulting team.  Students will develop an understanding of and practice the skills required to effectively work with external and internal clients. Emphasis will be placed on the particular consulting skills required to manage client interactions and engagement. Note: This course may be offered in compressed mode. Consult the current timetable.

Attributes: F2A9

TMAS 51403 Credits

Sustainable Operations

This course develops students’ ability to define and analyze sustainable business practices within the value chain of the product or service in order to develop and integrate sustainable practices at each step of the value chain. Students will learn how to measure and account for sustainability initiatives as a means of creating value at the operations management level within an organization. Students will be challenged to consider the sustainability challenges from the different stakeholder perspectives and priorities in developing and implementing sustainable operational practices and initiatives.

Attributes: F2A9

TMAS 51503 Credits

New Product and Services Development

Students will learn and apply the new product and service development processes, as well as the tools and techniques associated with launching them. They will learn how to select and apply quantitative and qualitative approaches for analyzing market opportunities, as well as the approaches and methods to design, test, and introduce new products and services. Students will learn how to lead the organization and its stakeholders in the new product and services development process.

Attributes: F2A9

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