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Mathematics: Associate of Science Degree


The Associate Degree is designed to provide an educational experience that prepares students for work, citizenship and an enriched life as an educated person, and to lay a solid foundation for further study in the field of Mathematics.

Admission Requirements

The Faculty's Admission Requirements, which consist of KPU's undergraduate English Proficiency Requirement, apply to this program.

Curricular Requirements

Within the framework of the Associate of Science degree, students must complete at least 60 credits with a minimum overall GPA of 2.0 and a minimum passing grade (D or better) in each course:

English Requirements

  ENGL 1100 Introduction to University Writing 3 credits
  And one additional first-year ENGL course. 3 credits

First Year Science Requirements

  CPSC 1103 Introduction to Computer Programming I 3 credits
One of:
  MATH 1120 Differential Calculus 3 credits
  MATH 1130 Calculus for Life Sciences I 3 credits
  MATH 1140 Calculus I (Business Applications) 3 credits
One of:
  MATH 1220 Integral Calculus 3 credits
  MATH 1230 Calculus for Life Sciences II 3 credits
One of:
  PHYS 1101 Physics for Life Sciences I 4 credits
  PHYS 1120 Physics for Physical and Applied Sciences I 4 credits
And four more first-year science courses from the following:
  ASTR 1120 Introduction to Astrophysics 4 credits
  ASTR 2101 Astrophysics I: Stellar Astrophysics 3 credits
  ASTR 2102 Astrophysics II: Galactic Astronomy 3 credits
  BIOL 1110 Introductory Biology I 4 credits
  BIOL 1210 Introductory Biology II 4 credits
  CHEM 1105* Introductory Chemistry 4 credits
  CHEM 1110 The Structure of Matter 4 credits
  CHEM 1210 Chemical Energetics and Dynamics 4 credits
  CPSC 1100 Introduction to Computer Literacy 3 credits
  CPSC 1204 Introduction to Computer Programming II 3 credits
  CPSC 1250 Introduction to Computer Design 3 credits
  GEOG 1110 Atmospheric Science 3 credits
  GEOG 1120 Earth Science 3 credits
  MATH 1112* Pre-Calculus Algebra 3 credits
  MATH 1115† Statistics I 3 credits
  MATH 1152 Matrix Algebra for Engineers 3 credits
  MATH 2721 Complex Numbers and Linear Algebra 3 credits
  PHYS 1100* Introductory Physics 4 credits
  PHYS 1102
PHYS 1220
Physics for Life Sciences II

Physics for Physical and Applied Sciences II
4 credits

4 credits
  PHYS 1170 Mechanics I 3 credits

Second Year Science Requirements

One of:
  MATH 2321 Multivariate Calculus (Calculus III) 3 credits
  MATH 2821 Multivariate and Vector Calculus 3 credits
Three second-year Math courses chosen from:
  MATH 2232 Linear Algebra 3 credits
  MATH 2315 Probability and Statistics 3 credits
  MATH 2321 Multivariate Calculus (Calculus III) 3 credits
  MATH 2331 Introduction to Analysis 3 credits
  MATH 2335†
MATH 2341†
Statistics for Life Sciences

Introduction to Statistics for Business
3 credits

4 credits
  MATH 2410 Discrete Mathematics 3 credits
  MATH 3322 Vector Calculus (Calculus IV) 3 credits
  MATH 3421 Ordinary Differential Equations 3 credits
Two more second-year science courses chosen from:
  BIOL 2320 Genetics 4 credits
  BIOL 2321 Cell Biology 4 credits
  BIOL 2322 Ecology 4 credits
  BIOL 2330 Microbiology 4 credits
  BIOL 2421 Cellular Biochemistry 3 credits
  CHEM 2311
CHEM 3310
Physical Chemistry for Life Sciences

Physical Chemistry
3 credits

4 credits
  CHEM 2315 Analytical Chemistry 4 credits
  CHEM 2320 Organic Chemistry I 4 credits
  CHEM 2420 Organic Chemistry II 4 credits
  CPSC 2302 Data Structures and Program Organization 3 credits
  CPSC 2405 Introduction to Discrete Mathematics I 3 credits
  ENVI 2305 Environmental Toxicology 3 credits
  GEOG 2310 Climatology 3 credits
  GEOG 2320 Geomorphology 3 credits
  GEOG 2390 Geographic Information and Data Analysis 3 credits
  GEOG 2400 Introduction to GIS 3 credits
  PHYS 2010 Modern Physics 3 credits
  PHYS 2030 Classical Mechanics 3 credits
  PHYS 2040 Thermal Physics 3 credits
  PHYS 2330 Intermediate Mechanics 3 credits
  PHYS 2420 Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism 3 credits

 Additional Course Requirements

  Any two courses in Arts, not counting English, plus,
Any other two university-transferable courses

* Students transferring to a BSc should confirm transferability.
† Students will receive credit for only one of MATH 1115, MATH 2335, MATH 2341 towards an Associate of Science in Mathematics.

Credential Awarded

Upon successful completion of this program, students are eligible to receive an Associate of Science Degree in Mathematics.

At a Glance

Faculty of Science and Horticulture


Program Type:

  • Undergraduate

Credential Granted:

  • Associate Degree

Offered At:

  • KPU Richmond  Richmond
  • KPU Surrey  Surrey

Start Date(s):

  • Fall Intake (September)  September
  • Spring Intake (January)  January
  • Summer Intake (May)  May

Intake Type:

  • Open Intake  Open intake


  • Full-time  Full-time
  • Part-time  Part-time

Minimum Credits Required:

  • 60

Instructional Cycle:

  • Semester-based

Curriculum Effective Date:

  • 01-Sep-2016

Applying to KPU:

Last Updated: 14-Jun-2016

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