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As KPU continues to take measures to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff during COVID-19, all Fall 2020 Mathematics lectures will be delivered online. A limited number of blended courses will be offered. For more information regarding blended courses in the Faculty of Science and Horticulture, including a full list, please visit FSH Fall 2020 Course Information. For more information, contact KPU's Future Students Office at

Mathematics is a diverse discipline that reveals hidden patterns and allows us to deepen our understanding of the world around us. The discipline of mathematics is constantly evolving, creating exciting new theories, addressing challenging problems, and finding solutions to problems in engineering, business, the sciences, and the social sciences.  Mathematics deals with data, measurement, observation, inference, deduction, and proof.

Mathematicians make it possible to send secure email. Mathematicians create abstract models for real problems in order to find solutions to those problems. Mathematicians analyse data to make predictions about natural phenomena, human behaviour and social systems.

The Kwantlen Mathematics Department offers courses from high school grade 10 level to fourth year university level.


Check out our new B.Sc. in Applications of Mathematics! It includes concentrations in Biomathematics, Computational Mathematics and Mathematics Education. We also offer a B.A. Minor in Mathematics and an Associate of Science in Mathematics.

Courses to note

Are you interested in mathematics, but don't want to take a standard algebra or calculus course? Try Mathematical Explorations, MATH 1116

Why study mathematics at KPU?

With 35-student classes, you can expect greater attention from your instructor. Kwantlen also has a Learning Centre, where you can seek help from peer tutors and faculty members, and a Mathematics Assistance Centre specifically for students in MATH 1102, Precalculus Algebra and MATH 1112, Precalculus.

Mathematics problem of the week

Do you like puzzles and problems? Then this is for you. During the Fall and Spring terms a new problem is posted every week. Most problems do not require specialized mathematical knowledge; just basic concepts, logical thinking, and a willingness to explore. There are prizes! Go to  Mathematics Problem of the Week for more information and to sign up to have the problems emailed to you.

Mathematics news

On Wednesday August 13, 2014 Maryam Mirzakhani became the first woman to be awarded the Fields Medal, the highest honour in the mathematics community, often said to be the Nobel Prize of Mathematics. Dr. Mirzakhani is a professor at Stanford University in California. She received the prize for her work in the symmetry of curved surfaces.