University science courses are interesting, engaging and rewarding but have a heavy workload due to weekly mandatory labs.  As this is the case, we recommend the following course plan for your first year to manage your school-work-life balance and to ensure success in all of your courses. 

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The Chemistry Department at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) offers a wide range of courses to suit every need. Whether you're upgrading, require university transfer credit, or need a science course for your arts degree, we have you covered.

Need a science course but you're not a science student?

Ever wonder how you could use super glue to take fingerprints or how blood alcohol content is really measured? Earn credits while you learn the answers to these questions and others; Chemistry 1101, our Chemistry course for non-science majors, will give you a hands-on insight into the world of forensic science. Don't worry: we've designed Chemistry 1101 specifically for the student who does not have any background in chemistry. As a result, this course has something to offer everyone, from the aspiring teacher who'll appreciate the real-world examples to the curious general arts student who just wants to find out more about forensic science.

If you're a science or engineering student, you should know that Chemistry 1101 cannot be used as credit towards your program completion.

Looking to upgrade your chemistry knowledge?

We offer courses for everyone including the beginner; our entry-level course (Chemistry 1094) requires only Math 10 as a prerequisite. Taking Chemistry 1094 and Chemistry 1105 will give you the solid foundation necessary to succeed in our first-year University Transfer courses too.

Need first year university chemistry courses?

Our first-year university transfer courses, Chemistry 1110 and Chemistry 1210, have been articulated with and transfer to all post-secondary institutions in BC. Planning on going into Engineering? Our Chemistry 1154 course was created especially for engineers, and is transferrable to all post-secondary institutions in BC as well. No matter where you're going, our courses will get you there without problems and with a solid foundation in chemistry.

Need second year Chemistry courses?

Our second-year courses also transfer anywhere in the province. We offer Organic Chemistry (2320 and 2420), and Analytical Chemistry (2315). If you take two full years of Chemistry at KPU you'll be well-prepared for your third year wherever you go.

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Want to start planning your courses now? Here's a link to KPU's Calendar, as well as an overview of offerings from the Faculty of Science.

There's more to us than what we teach.

Our award-winning faculty and small class sizes are two more reasons that KPU is a fantastic choice for your Chemistry requirements. Why spend the first year of your post-secondary education living anonymously in a class of 350? At KPU you'll be taught in small classes by someone whose primary interest is your education.

If you have any questions about anything to do with Chemistry at KPU we'd be happy to answer them. All you have to do is send an E-mail to and we'll do our best to give you any information you need.