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Biology & Health Science


New Student Info: BIOLOGY
New Student Info: HEALTH SCIENCE
IMPORTANT INFORMATION – BIOL Course Offerings: BIOL 3330 – Microbiology II will not be offered during the 2020/21 academic year. To assist with your course planning, see the list of BIOL courses for the 2020/21 academic year. Please note these offerings are subject to change. For more information, contact  

Welcome to the Biology department at KPU! Along with our two new degree programs, B.Sc. Major in Biology and B.Sc. Major in Health Science, our department provides support courses for the following programs: Nursing, Environmental Protection Technology, Sustainable Agriculture, Horticulture's Plant Health, and Horticulture's Urban Ecosystems. It also provides a biology course for non-science students called Biology 1112: Biology Today, which focuses on hot topics in biology such as cloning, stem cell research, genetically modified foods, and DNA fingerprinting.

We are excited to be nearing completion of the Spruce Building Renovation at KPU Surrey which will see many upgrades to our science labs on that campus. We also offer Biology courses on the Richmond and Langley campuses.

In keeping with KPU's Mission and Mandate, the University offers smaller class sizes which enable us to provide a learning environment in which the learners can interact directly with their instructors in the classroom and the laboratory, as well as outside the classroom. Most of our courses include weekly labs that provide rigorous hands-on learning experience to complement the classroom theory.

If you have questions about the Biology or Health Science degree offerings, please contact us at: