Mathematics Programs

B.Sc. in Applications of Mathematics

KPU's B.Sc. in Applications of Mathematics gives students a choice of three concentrations: 

  • Biomathematics 
  • Computational Mathematics
  • Mathematics Education
  • As well as a choice of a major or an honours degree.

Other Options in Mathematics

Minor in Mathematics
Students interested in mathematics can do a Minor in Mathematics along with any other bachelor's degree at KPU. This minor provides a solid grounding in mathematics for students primarily interested in other areas and another option for students who wish to teach mathematics in secondary school. 

Associate of Science (Mathematics)
Students can obtain an Associate of Science (Mathematics), if they are looking for a two-year program in mathematics. 

Flexible Pre-Major
Students may want to look through the courses suggested in the BC Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics and Statistics (BCCUPMS) Flexible Pre-Major, as well.

BA Double Minor Program 
Students who wish to develop multiple areas of interdisciplinary expertise may create a Bachelor of Arts, Double Minor degree program of study by selecting minors in two Arts-related disciplines. The Minor in Mathematics, used as part of the Bachelor of Arts (Double Minor) with a second teachable minor, is well suited for students who plan to enter a post-baccalaureate education program, with mathematics as one of their teachable subjects.