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Featured Courses

Featured Math Courses

MATH 1216 – Mathematics in the Visual Arts

Students will study the mathematical principles, methods, and structures used in the visual arts. They will study Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry, symmetry, tilings in the plane, fractal geometry, and perspective.

  • Create beautiful quilt patterns by reflecting shapes
  • Build three dimensional solids using computing
  • Learn how to use non-standard geometry to look at things differently
  • See whether paper or yarn is better to create a Klein bottle


MATH 2410 – Discrete Mathematics

Students will study the basic techniques of discrete mathematics, including methods of logic, formal reasoning, induction, recursion, counting, functions and relations, modular arithmetic, and structures such as graphs and trees.


MATH 1116 – Mathematical Explorations

This is a course intended for the non-math, non-science major (but math and science majors are welcome too) in which you will get a chance to explore the place of mathematics in human thought and civilization, to ask questions and look for answers, and to discover both the beauty and mystery of this important field of human endeavour. You will explore the mathematics beyond the calculations. We won’t send you home with 20 quadratic equations to solve, but we will ask you to leave behind your preconceptions as we delve into strange ideas and weird new worlds.

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