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Algebra Help book

Algebra Help Book A brief review of basic and intermediate algebra

MATH 1112 OER PreCalculus Text

Check with your instructor; most MATH 1112 sections will be using this “MATH 1112 Textbook”.

PDF icon AlgebraAndTrigonometry-OP_hyusk2X.pdf

PDF icon AlgTrig_StudSol_Ch1.pdf

PDF icon AlgTrig_StudSol_Ch2.pdf

PDF icon AlgTrig_StudSol_Ch3.pdf

PDF icon AlgTrig_StudSol_Ch4.pdf

PDF icon AlgTrig_StudSol_Ch5.pdf

PDF icon AlgTrig_StudSol_Ch6.pdf

PDF icon AlgTrig_StudSol_Ch7.pdf

PDF icon AlgTrig_StudSol_Ch8.pdf

PDF icon AlgTrig_StudSol_Ch9.pdf

Math 1102

Visit here for more info.

Sample Finals

Sample finals are available on the Kwantlen library website. On the library website, click on the "course reserves" tab, type in "math instructor," and search by instructor. The samples are available under “Online Access.”

Note that the sample finals are intended to give you an idea of what types of questions might be asked. The actual final exam may differ markedly from the samples.

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