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Canadian Studies: Associate of Arts Degree


Discovering the unique nature of Canada through an examination of material related to our multicultural identities, peacekeeping roles, unique legal system, federalism, environmental programs, indigenous cultures, the arts, international trade policies, and public media would provide students with a solid foundation for advanced studies in law, economics, sociology, history, political science, the humanities, education, communications and journalism. Students emerging from this program with a comprehensive knowledge of Canada would also be well-suited for careers in the federal and provincial governments, public affairs, non-government agencies, and the media.

Program Admission Requirements

General university admission requirements apply to this program including the undergraduate-level English Proficiency Requirement.

Program Requirements

The Canadian Studies program offers students a remarkable degree of flexibility in their course selections. Students are able to pursue a variety of academic interests while receiving special recognition for their detailed knowledge of this country.

Within the framework of the Associate of Arts degree, students must complete at least 60 credits with a minimum of C in required and elective courses.

In order to complete an Associate of Arts degree in Canadian Studies, students must complete a minimum of 30 credits from the following list of courses:
  ANTH 1100 Social & Cultural Anthropology 3 credits
  ANTH 2140 First Nations Cultures of BC 3 credits
  ANTH 2142 First Nations Cultures of Canada 3 credits
  CRIM 1101 Introduction to the Criminal Justice System 3 credits
  CRIM 1107 Canadian Legal Systems 3 credits
  CRIM 1207 Introduction to Criminal Law 3 credits
  CRIM 2211 Introduction to Policing 3 credits
  CRIM 2214 Corrections: Theory and Practice 3 credits
  CRIM 2341 Canadian Criminal Justice Administration 3 credits
  ECON 1250 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 credits
  ECON 2210 Money and Banking 3 credits
  ENGL 2301 Canadian Literature in English 3 credits
  GEOG 1130 Human Impacts on Canadian Environments 3 credits
  GEOG 1160 Geography of British Columbia 3 credits
  GEOG 2140 Regional Geography of Canada 3 credits
  HIST 1113 Canada to 1867 3 credits
  HIST 1114 Canada since 1867 3 credits
  HIST 2304 Canadian-American Relations 3 credits
  HIST 3313 Canadian Social History: Order and Disorder 3 credits
  HIST 3390 Canada and World War I 3 credits
  HIST 4490 History of British Columbia 3 credits
  HIST 4491 Québec in Canada 3 credits
  MRKT 1199 Introduction to Marketing 3 credits
  POLI 1120 Canadian Government and Politics 3 credits
  POLI 2120 Government & Politics of the Prairie Provinces 3 credits
  POLI 2121 Law and Politics: The Charter of Rights and Freedoms 3 credits
  POLI 2235 British Columbia Government and Politics 3 credits
  POLI 3122 Introduction to Canadian Foreign Policy 3 credits
  SOCI 1125 Introduction to Society: Processes and Structures 3 credits
  SOCI 2225 Canadian Society: Conflict and Consensus 3 credits
  SOCI 2230 Racialization and Ethnicity in Canada 3 credits
  SOCI 2240 Women in Canada 3 credits
  SOCI 2250 Families in Canada 3 credits
  SOCI 2275 Mass Media and Society 3 credits
  SOCI 3300 Sociology of Work and Occupations 3 credits
  SOCI 3345 Social Policy in Context 3 credits
  SOCI 3385 Introduction to Demography 3 credits

Note: Courses with a primary focus on Canadian content and/or issues but which are not included in this list may be considered as credits for the Associate of Arts Degree in Canadian Studies by the appropriate dean upon request for course substitution by students within the program. Prerequisite courses are required for some of the courses listed above. Please consult the Courses section for details.

Credential Awarded

Upon successful completion of this program, students are eligible to receive an Associate of Arts degree in Canadian Studies.

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