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History: Associate of Arts Degree


The Associate of Arts Degree in History is designed to introduce students to the discipline and to prepare them for further study. Many students complete the Associate of Arts degree in order to gain a broader understanding of the world in which they live and to become more informed and engaged citizens. Students can choose to focus on a particular geographic region; however, we recommend that students complete as broad a range of courses as possible.

The Associate of Arts degree can be used as an entry pathway into the Bachelor of Arts Degree in History; however, students should note that the BA only requires six credits of History at the first year level and six credits of History at the second year level.

History courses are reading and writing intensive. It is therefore strongly recommended that students complete the English requirements of their degree within their first two semesters.

Program Admission Requirements

General university admission requirements apply to this program including the undergraduate-level English Proficiency Requirement.

Program Requirements

Within the framework of the Associate of Arts Degree, students must complete at least 60 credits with a minimum grade of C in each course and meet the following requirements:

A minimum of 12 credits chosen from any of the following core courses:
  HIST 1113 Canada to 1867 3 credits
  HIST 1114 Canada since 1867 3 credits
  HIST 1120 Europe 1900 to 1939 3 credits
  HIST 1121 Europe since 1939 3 credits
  HIST 1130 Twentieth Century World 1900 to 1945 3 credits
  HIST 1131 Twentieth Century World 1945 to 2000 3 credits
  HIST 1145 American History 1607 to 1865 3 credits
  HIST 1146 American History 1865 to 1974 3 credits
  HIST 1150 Introduction to Traditional East Asia 3 credits
  HIST 1151 Introduction to Modern East Asia 3 credits
  HIST 2101 Europe in the Middle Ages 3 credits
  HIST 2102 Europe 1450 to 1789 3 credits
  HIST 2119 Europe 1789 to 1914 3 credits
A minimum of 9 credits chosen from History courses numbered at the 2300 level or higher.

Credential Awarded

Upon successful completion of this program, students are eligible to receive an Associate of Arts Degree in History.

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