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Special Education Teacher Assistant: Certificate


NEW: SETA part-time studies are now on the Surrey campus!

The Special Education Teacher Assistant (SETA) Certificate program prepares students for a variety of paraprofessional duties in schools. Special education teacher assistants work in Kindergarten through Grade 12 and assist teachers in providing personal care, behavioral, and learning support to students with diverse needs.

The program is completed in one year of full-time study on the Langley Campus or two years of part-time study on the Surrey Campus. Full-time students attend classes during the day from September through May over one year. Part-time students attend classes two evenings per week and alternate Saturdays from September through May over two years. Course delivery is largely face to face with some blended and online learning.

To integrate the knowledge and skills learned in the program, all students complete two four-week, full-time practicums in the schools over the course of their studies, one in an elementary school and one in a secondary school. During this time, a student will observe, assist, and work with children and adolescents with diverse needs under the guidance and supervision of professional staff.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the SETA program find employment in elementary and secondary schools in B.C. as education assistants supporting students with diverse learning, behavioral, and personal care needs. The SETA Certificate is accepted as a qualification by all of the school districts in the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, and province-wide.

Program Admission Requirements

In addition to KPU's General university admission requirements including the undergraduate-level English Proficiency Requirement, the following program admission requirements apply.

Program Requirements

This program consists of 890 hours of study for a total of 39 semester credits. Credits from the SETA program are accepted for transfer into select degree programs.

Note: ECHS and SETA courses are assessed Tuition Category 2.a.2 tuition and fees for domestic students.

Term One

All of:
  CMNS 1216 Writing for the Specialized Workplace 1 1.5 credits
  ECHS 1125 Principles of Observation 1.5 credits
  ECHS 1130 Interpersonal Communications 1 2 credits
  ECHS 1135 Essentials to Person-Centered Practice 3 credits
  SETA 1101 Including Diverse Learners in Schools 3 credits
  SETA 1105 Supporting Learning in Schools 3 credits
  SETA 1120 Principles of Proactive and Positive Behaviour Support 2 credits
  SETA 1161 Change and Development: Childhood 1.5 credits

Term Two

All of:
  CAHS 2120 Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders 2.5 credits
  CMNS 1217 Writing for the Specialized Workplace 2 1.5 credits
  ECHS 1230 Interpersonal Communications 2 2 credits
  SETA 1162 Change and Development: Adolescence through Middle Adulthood 1.5 credits
  SETA 1225 Alternative and Augmentative Communication 1.5 credits
  SETA 1270 Practicum One 3.5 credits
  SETA 1280 Health and Personal Care Support for Teacher Assistants 2.5 credits
  SETA 1305 Overview of Curriculum for Inclusive Schools 3 credits

Term Three

  SETA 1370 Practicum Two 3.5 credits

Other Information


In addition to tuition fees, students will be required to pay a first-time application fee or a re-application fee, as well as student association fees and other institutional fees for each course. For more information, visit the fees section of the online calendar.

Other costs include the purchase of textbooks and course materials for approximately $350.00 for 2 semesters for full-time students, $300.00 per year for part-time students. There is also a $20.00 fee associated with the Criminal Record Checks. Students are responsible for providing their own transportation to practicum placements. Fees are subject to change without notice.

Credential Awarded

Upon successful completion of this program, students are eligible to receive a Certificate in Special Education Teacher Assistant.

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