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Counselling: Bachelor of Arts Minor


The B.A. Minor in Counselling was designed to provide students with a basic theoretical and practical understanding of the field of counselling. The Minor was structured to ensure that students will acquire undergraduate prerequisites necessary for graduate studies in Counselling at other institutions (e.g., SFU, UBC). While this degree will be of particular interest to those who wish to pursue a career in Counselling, the Minor will also be of interest to any student who is considering working in a field in which strong interpersonal skills, abilities, and insights are an asset (e.g., social work, probation, policing, teaching, business, health care).

Career Opportunities

Students who want to pursue Counselling as a profession will need a Masters degree in Counselling (MA or MEd). The Minor will provide the courses necessary for entry into such programs.

This highly marketable Minor will also benefit those who are aiming to work in Social Services, Education, and Health Care and Wellness fields.

Program Admission Requirements

In addition to KPU's General university admission requirements, including the undergraduate-level English Proficiency Requirement, the following program admission requirements apply:

Year One Admission:

Year Three Admission:

Qualifying Year

Students who do not qualify upon initial application to KPU may be eligible for entry to the Qualifying Year. Students who possess at least a 'C' in English 12 (or equivalent) and a passing grade in either Pre-Calculus 11, Principles of Math 11, Foundations of Mathematics 11, Applications of Math 12 (or equivalents) will be able to apply for entry to the BA Qualifying Year. Students will be admitted to the BA program in the second year provided they have successfully completed appropriate qualifying courses. Other applicants who do not qualify are encouraged to consult an Educational Advisor for the appropriate qualifying courses that satisfy the application criteria.

Program Continuance Requirements

Current BA students must meet the following requirements to continue into their 3rd year of study. Registration access to third or fourth year courses is first awarded to students who have completed the following:

Program Requirements

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree must complete all requirements in the Bachelor of Arts framework in addition to their major or minor program requirements.

Students must complete all of the following requirements for the Counselling Minor:

1000 Level

All of:
  EDUC 1100 Introduction to Higher Education 3 credits

2000 Level

All of:
  PSYC 2350 Psychopathology 3 credits

EDUC 2220 Introduction to Educational Psychology is highly recommended.
PSYC 2350 requires completion of PSYC 1100 and PSYC 1200 with a grade of C in each course as prerequisites. 

3000 Level

All of:
  CNPS 3310 Theories of Counselling 3 credits
  CNPS 3320 Career Counselling & Career Education 3 credits

4000 Level

All of:
  CNPS 4300 Counselling Relationships & Basic Skills 3 credits
  CNPS 4310 The Reflective Practitioner 3 credits


Students must also complete one of the following courses:
  CNPS 3330 Cultural Considerations in Counselling 3 credits
  CNPS 4330 Group Facilitation 3 credits


Credential Awarded

Upon successful completion of the minor as part of a Bachelor of Arts program, transcripts will indicate a Minor in Counselling.

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