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Psychology: Bachelor of Applied Arts (also: Honours)


The Bachelor of Applied Arts in Psychology is designed to prepare graduates with a knowledge base and skill set in the behavioural sciences that are much needed in a wide variety of workplace and community settings. Graduates will be prepared for employment in many types of today’s government and private sector jobs. Students completing the separate Honours program will also be well prepared for further study at the graduate level.

Students can study either part-time or full-time (3-5 courses per semester), though part-time seats may be limited. Full-time study is demanding. Please note, though students are able to study part-time, this does not mean that all courses are offered in evenings or on weekends to accommodate those who may have full-time day jobs.

Years one and two of the program consist of the Associate of Arts degree, or its equivalent, with a specialization in psychology (see Associate of Arts program for requirements). In these first two years, students take courses in the humanities, social, and physical sciences. These courses establish foundations of knowledge in psychology as well as a broader liberal education, and promote development of skills and abilities essential for academic success.

Years three and four concentrate on applications of psychology to modern community and workplace settings. Required courses provide students with general, transferable workplace skills, as well as specific knowledge and skills used in a variety of public and private sector jobs. Electives provide further training in additional areas selected by the student.

Students will participate in a workplace practicum coordinated by KPU and co-supervised by faculty and employers in relevant fields of employment. This practicum placement will assist students in gaining workplace experience and in meeting potential future employers. The practicum may be completed in the summer after the third or fourth year.

Students interested in further study and graduate school or who prefer more extensive research experience are advised to augment their knowledge and skills by taking the Honours program. The Honours program affords students an opportunity to develop and report on a research project under the direct supervision of a faculty member within the Psychology Department.

This involves taking two six credit courses in addition to the 120 credits required for the basic four-year degree. The two honours courses are PSYC 5000 (Honours Thesis I) and PSYC 5010 (Honours Thesis II). The Honours program can be taken during or after the fourth year. It can also be taken subsequent to completion of the required 120 credits for the BA in Psychology degree.

Career Opportunities

The Bachelor of Applied Arts in Psychology was developed in consultation with employers throughout the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Although there are no guaranteed jobs, these employers indicated that graduates of the BAA (Psychology) program are qualified for positions such as program evaluators, research analysts, project consultants, human resources advisors, and health planning consultants. Past graduates have found employment in such areas as health research, human resources, market research, psychological testing and crisis services, product usability research, autism intervention, and corrections. Students in the program should consult with the Arts Degree Advisor to select courses best suited to their career objectives.

Program Admission Requirements

Third Year Admission:

For admission to the Bachelor of Applied Arts in Psychology, students must have a completed Associate of Arts in Psychology (or equivalent) with a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.0 and the following courses:

Students should apply on the condition that they will have completed their Associate of Arts in Psychology by the semester prior to entering the program. In addition to KPU's standard application start date, students will be considered for admission based on the date their application is submitted.

Note: Where space permits students with less than a 3.0 CGPA (but not less than 2.67) may be considered on a case by case basis for admission. Students who are near completion of their Associate of Arts in Psychology and have a grade of 'B' in PSYC 2300 or PSYC 2400 may be considered for admission.

Honours Admission:

In order to be admitted to the Honours program students are expected to achieve and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.3 and to obtain a 'B+' grade in all of PSYC 3300, 3400 and 4400. Students must also obtain endorsement from a faculty member who will serve as their thesis advisor, and be recommended by the Psychology Honours selection committee.

A limited number of seats are available each year for Honours students. Interested students can obtain a program application form from the Psychology Department during or after their third year.

Program Requirements

Applied Psychology Honours

The Honours program consists of two 6 credit thesis courses (PSYC 5000 and PSYC 5010) that are offered in September and January respectively. For the BAA, PSYC 5000 and 5010 must be taken in addition to the 120 credits required for degree completion. Students should at most submit their application to the Honours program two semesters ahead (by December 31st.). Selections are made in May for the following September.

To qualify for the Applied Psychology Honours degree, students must have been admitted to the Honours program prior to earning the Applied Psychology degree. Students may receive either the Applied Psychology degree or the Applied Psychology Honours degree, but not both.

Applied Psychology Degree

The Bachelor of Applied Arts in Psychology requires 120 credits of post-secondary studies. An additional 12 credits are required for the Honours program. The initial two years consist of 60 credit hours based upon completion of the Associate of Arts Degree (or equivalent) in Psychology.

In the third and fourth year, students must complete 60 credits. Thirty-nine credits are third and fourth year required courses. Twelve credits are third and fourth year BAA Psychology electives. The remaining nine credits can be taken from any program and any year, though students are advised to consult with the Arts Degree Advisor to confirm that their liberal education requirements are met.

Students are normally expected to complete at least 60 credits at Kwantlen Polytechnic University for a B.A. Degree; however, they may apply for an exemption to this ruling on an individual basis. If such an exemption is granted, then residency may be limited to no fewer than 30 credits. In any case, at least 50% of the required upper level credits within the subject area must be completed at KPU.

To meet all the degree requirements, students must successfully complete the Associate of Arts Degree in Psychology (or equivalent) and the following courses and electives:

Required Courses
  CMNS 3100 Technical Report Writing 3 credits
  PSYC 3200 Industrial and Organizational Psychology 3 credits
  PSYC 3300 Applied Statistics II 3 credits
  PSYC 3400 Applied Research I 3 credits
  PSYC 3500 Interpersonal Relations I 3 credits
  PSYC 3600 Health Psychology 3 credits
  PSYC 4000 Practicum* 3 credits
  PSYC 4100 Tests and Measurement 3 credits
  PSYC 4200 Human Factors: Technology and Behaviour 3 credits
  PSYC 4400 Applied Research II 3 credits
  PSYC 4500 Interpersonal Relations II 3 credits
  PSYC 4700 Cultural Psychology 3 credits
  PSYC 4800 Professional and Ethical Issues 3 credits

* Note: The practicum PSYC 4000 can be incorporated into any semester, but is highly encouraged during the summer semester, after completion of Year 3. PSYC 4400 is the pre-requisite for the practicum and PSYC 4800 is recommended.

BAA Psychology Electives

Students must complete at least four 3-credit electives (for a total of 12 credits). Three electives must be from the following list. The fourth elective can be any 3000 or 4000 level course offered by the Psychology Department.

  PSYC 3451 Psychology and Law 3 credits
  PSYC 3910 Neuropsychology 3 credits
  PSYC 3920 Aging 3 credits
  PSYC 3930 Consumer Psychology – Research & Applications 3 credits
  PSYC 3940 Adult Education 3 credits
  PSYC 3950 Cognitive Ergonomics 3 credits
  PSYC 3960 Program Evaluation 3 credits
  PSYC 3970 Community Psychology 3 credits
  PSYC 3980 Environmental Psychology 3 credits
  PSYC 4910 Rehabilitation Psychology 3 credits
  PSYC 4920 Human Factors and Computer Interface Design (cross listed with Info 4210) 3 credits
  One third or fourth year Psychology course not on this list 3 credits
Liberal Education Electives:

The following liberal education requirements need to be completed by graduation. Most liberal education requirements are fulfilled as part of the regular course work for the AA and BAA, however students are strongly advised to consult with the Arts Degree Advisor when planning their courses.

Credential Awarded

Upon successful completion of the honours program, students are eligible to receive a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Psychology (Honours).

Upon successful completion of the major program, students are eligible to receive a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Psychology.

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