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Fine Arts: Certificate


Thirty credits are required for the Certificate Program. The Fine Arts Certificate is a self-contained program, that allows students to continue to the Fine Arts Diploma Program, the BFA, Visual Arts Degree or to apply to other art schools or universities. The credits may also be applied and used to build portfolios for other KPU programs such as Foundations of Design, Graphic Design for Marketing, Interior Design or Fashion Design.

The Fine Arts Certificate is a foundation year program of related courses concerned with the fundamentals of visual art and visual communication. Like all Fine Arts programs, it can be taken on either a full-time or part-time basis. It provides a period of study, exploration and intense development of ideas and techniques.

If there are any general questions or concerns, please contact the Chair of Fine Arts for assistance (FineArtsChair@kpu.ca).

Further Study

If you think you would like to ladder your Certificate into our Diploma program, please plan your program of studies to reflect the first 30 credits of the Fine Arts Diploma.

If you think you would like to ladder your Certificate into our Bachelor of Fine Arts program, please consider taking some of the required courses for the BFA in Visual Arts, such as ARTH 1120 and 1121, as well as FINA 1167 and 1175. Please contact a Bachelor of Arts advisor to help you plan your BFA degree.

Program Admission Requirements

General university admission requirements apply to this program including the undergraduate-level English Proficiency Requirement.

Program Requirements

Thirty credits are required for the Certificate Program. Students are encouraged to take a wide range of studio and academic courses with the intent to build a dynamic and diverse portfolio. Each semester students are free to design their own composition of courses reflecting both personal and academic goals. It is strongly recommended that students work with a faculty advisor in order to plan the most effective course of study.


* Note: Students should design their curriculum to reflect a balance of 2 and 3 dimensional studies.

Credential Awarded

Upon successful completion of this program, students are eligible to receive a Certificate in Fine Arts.

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