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Applied Business Technology (ABTY)

This is a list of the Applied Business Technology (ABTY) courses available at KPU.

Enrolment in some sections of these courses is restricted to students in particular programs. See the Course Planner - - for current information about individual courses.

For information about transfer of credit amongst institutions in B.C. and to see how individual courses transfer, go to the BC Transfer Guide

ABTY 11413 Credits

Keyboarding and Introductory Word Processing

Students will develop touch control of the keyboard and correct keyboarding techniques. They will be introduced to Windows and the Internet and they will learn basic word processing features and basic file management.

ABTY 21103 Credits

Administrative Management

Students will become familiar with the core concepts necessary to assume the role of an office manager or executive assistant. They will learn key supervisory, organizational, supporting, and management skills.

ABTY 21203 Credits

Project Management

Students will learn the fundamentals of project management skills to track progress, share information, and close a project. They will examine the planning, creation, and development of a project, and will apply the concepts learned to complete a project using Microsoft Project.

Prerequisites: ABTY 1135, CBSY 1105 or CBSY 1205

ABTY 21303 Credits

Advanced Writing Skills

Students will learn advanced written and oral communication skills. They will use advanced writing skills to develop e-mails, letters, memos, reports, and proposals and oral skills to make formal presentations. Students will also develop note-taking skills, using the ABC Stenoscript method.

Prerequisites: ABTY 1155

Last Updated: 14-Jun-2016

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