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Career Choices and Life Success (CCLS)

This is a list of the Career Choices and Life Success (CCLS) courses available at KPU.

Enrolment in some sections of these courses is restricted to students in particular programs. See the Course Planner - - for current information about individual courses.

For information about transfer of credit amongst institutions in B.C. and to see how individual courses transfer, go to the BC Transfer Guide

CCLS 08002 Credits
(Formerly CCLS 0100)

Self Knowledge: Basis for Success

Students will participate in the continuing process of developing self-knowledge to support an evolving work identity, as well as career and life success. They will learn various tools to support their career transition including personal and job values clarification and applying strategies to support work/life balance. Students will articulate their career beliefs and identify hidden assumptions interfering with desired changes.

Attributes: F2F

CCLS 08103 Credits
(Formerly CCLS 0101)

Communication Skills

Students will learn and practise active listening and speaking techniques to facilitate effective communication. They will develop oral presentation skills by giving informal reports, and a formal oral presentation, and participating in practice employment interviews. Students will apply written communication skills in creating a resume and a cover letter.

Attributes: F2F

CCLS 08201 Credits
(Formerly CCLS 0102)

Personal Management and Problem Solving

Students will learn to identify and apply strategies to manage career and life challenges. They will examine various critical thinking skills and identify their preferred decision-making style. Students will examine the relationships among procrastination, time and stress management, problem solving, and decision making.

Attributes: F2F

CCLS 09003 Credits
(Formerly CCLS 0210)

Career Assessment and Research

Students will complete a variety of online and paper vocational, interest and skills assessments. They will gain knowledge in identifying personality characteristics and their relationship to career preferences. Students will research career options based on career and personality assessments, transferrable skills and prior work experience. They will articulate and summarize repeating career themes to determine suitable career choices

Attributes: F2F

CCLS 09156 Credits
(Formerly CCLS 0115)

Career and Education Experience

Students will apply various career research methods to obtain the necessary education and labour market information required to support a suitable career choice. They will engage in information interviews to learn first-hand job related information and to increase their career network. Students will have opportunities to participate in a variety of work experiences, audit courses, and gain related practical experience to determine compatibility with career and life goals. They will work in networking teams to support their employability skills.

Attributes: F2F

CCLS 09201 Credits
(Formerly CCLS 0212)

Career and Life Planning

Students will synthesize and summarize their career and education findings to formulate a goal-oriented plan of action. They will identify steps necessary to make effective personal and career choices. Students will understand the importance of life-long learning in relationship to course and life success.

Attributes: F2F

Last Updated: 14-Jun-2016

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