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Brewing & Brewery Operations (HOPS)

This is a list of the Brewing & Brewery Operations (HOPS) courses available at KPU.

Enrolment in some sections of these courses is restricted to students in particular programs. See the Course Planner - - for current information about individual courses.

For information about transfer of credit amongst institutions in B.C. and to see how individual courses transfer, go to the BC Transfer Guide

HOPS 11003 Credits

Introduction to Brewing

Students will be introduced to the history of beer and brewing. They will study the evolution of the brewing industry and the role played by individuals, organizations and governments. They will learn about the historical role of beer in nutrition, the impact of alcohol on the human body and the responsible use of alcohol. 

Attributes: F2A5

HOPS 11053 Credits

Brewing 1

Students will learn the fundamentals of beer making, be introduced to basic ingredients used in brewing and will operate and perform equipment maintenance.

Attributes: F2A5

HOPS 11103 Credits

Sensory Evaluation and Ingredients

Students will learn how various ingredients affect the style and quality of beer. Students will develop skills to critically evaluate a beer’s sensory properties, judge quality and detect potential defects in beer. They will investigate the physiology and psychology of sensory perception, and assess and describe the elements of beer quality using the appropriate terminology.

Attributes: F2A5

HOPS 12053 Credits

Brewing 2

Students will further develop their understanding of the beer making process. They will learn to select ingredients used in brewing. Students will operate and maintain equipment.

Prerequisites: HOPS 1105 and HOPS 1110

Attributes: F2A5

HOPS 12114 Credits

Brewing Microbiology

Students will learn about the role of yeasts and other micro-organisms in the brewing process. They will gain the knowledge necessary to manage yeast and control fermentation in order to optimize the brewing process and control the finished beer flavour. They will develop practical skills in brewing microbiological laboratory analysis.

Prerequisites: Chemistry 11(C+) or CHEQ 1094

Attributes: F2A5

HOPS 12124 Credits

Brewing Chemistry

Students will review chemistry fundamentals as they apply to the production of beer with emphasis on production, fermentation, and filtration. Students will study the properties of gases and liquids, thermodynamics, pH, and pressure, and how they influence brewery production processes and beer quality. Students will develop knowledge and skills about the different types of chemicals used in beer production and maintenance of brewery hygiene. Students will become familiar with the lab equipment and lab techniques used to measure, monitor, and analyze the different chemical properties of beer.

Prerequisites: Chemistry 11(C+) or CHEQ 1094

Attributes: F2A5

HOPS 12133 Credits

Brewing Equipment and Technology

Students will learn the efficient use of unit operations and processing equipment employed by the commercial beer making industry. They will examine safety considerations, quality requirements, environmental issues, and food safety regulations. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of brewery services such as pumps, process automation, and utilities.

Prerequisites: HOPS 1105

Attributes: F2A5

HOPS 12143 Credits

Introduction to Finishing and Packaging

Students will study storage and different types of filters as they pertain to the clarification of beer. Students will practice carbonation methods and the stabilizing of beer ready for packaging operations. They will develop a basic knowledge of bottling, canning and kegging beer. Students will practice processing techniques and packaging.

Prerequisites: HOPS 1105

Attributes: F2A5

HOPS 23002 Credits

Brewing Work Experience

Students will participate in an approved work experience with a craft brewer, brewpub or major brewery (Minimum 455 hours). Students will be assigned to a variety of tasks at their work placement to increase their experience in the brewing and business operations of a brewery.

Prerequisites: Completion of all Year 1 HOPS courses

Attributes: F2A5

HOPS 23011 Credits

Brewing Work Experience Dissemination

Students will summarize their work experience gained in HOPS 2300 orally and in writing. They will participate in class discussions.

Prerequisites: HOPS 2300

Attributes: F2A5

HOPS 23053 Credits

Brewing 3

Students will learn advanced brewing techniques. They will independently operate and control brewing facilities. Students will further develop their knowledge of the beer-making process and the critical role of brewery safety.

Prerequisites: HOPS 1205

Attributes: F2A5

HOPS 23103 Credits

Product Evaluation and Judging

Students will evaluate a beer's sensory properties under the categories of style profiles, quality and potential defects. Students will develop the necessary skills to organize and manage basic sensory panels within a brewery setting. They will be introduced to consumer sensory science practices. Students will develop strategies for participation in beer competitions.

Prerequisites: HOPS 1110

Attributes: F2A5

HOPS 23143 Credits

Advanced Finishing and Packaging

Students will study advanced filtration techniques and filter design. Students will explore the use of different carbonation and clarification methods. They will study methods used to stabilize beer. Students will assess the factors which contribute to proper beer service.

Prerequisites: HOPS 1214

Attributes: F2A5

HOPS 23153 Credits

Calculations and Recipe Formulation

Students will develop beer recipes for testing in other brewing courses. They will use calculations to develop a brewery capacity plan, manage materials and determine precise alcohol levels as well as grain and hop usage rates in the beer recipes.

Prerequisites: HOPS 1205

Attributes: F2A5

HOPS 24056 Credits

Brewing 4

Students in this final capstone course will apply advanced techniques of beer making to create a signature beer. Students will develop signature recipes that reflect a variety of seasonal and specialty beers. They will develop a complete analysis and report of each product.

Prerequisites: HOPS 2305, 2314 and 2315.

Co-requisites: HOPS 2310

Attributes: F2A5

HOPS 24203 Credits

Beer Sales and Promotions

Students will be introduced to sales management and promotional marketing techniques for the beer industry, including the regulatory requirements for the sale and advertisement of beer in British Columbia and the license requirements to sell beer. Students will learn about important factors to consider in creating a sales and marketing plan and in setting up and running a sales department.

Attributes: F2A5

HOPS 24213 Credits

Brewery Management Business Planning

Students will learn the fundamentals of brewery management business planning. They will study scheduling of brewery operations and personnel, legal compliance, and record keeping. Students will be introduced to the basics of managing employees and teams.

Attributes: F2A5

HOPS 24223 Credits

The Brewing Industry

Students will study the scope of the beer industry and its impact on the community and the economy. They will be introduced to the governmental regulatory bodies and industry trade organizations which impact brewing companies. Student will learn about the distribution and container management systems that operate in British Columbia.

Attributes: F2A5

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