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Business Management (BUSM)

This is a list of the Business Management (BUSM) courses available at KPU.

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BUSM 51003 Credits

Accounting and Financial Management for Managers

Students will learn to interpret and analyze financial information that managers use for planning operations, controlling activities, and making decisions. They will learn to read financial statements and extract basic information for analysis. Students will explain cost behaviour and apply introductory management accounting techniques such as break-even and cost-volume-profit analysis, identifying relevant costs for decision making, cash flow budgeting, and activity-based costing. Students will be introduced to corporate finance and assess sources of funding to operate a business in terms of borrowing funds or securing equity investment and making long-term capital budgeting decisions. Students will examine business cases and communicate quantitative and qualitative analysis in written reports and oral presentations. Note: This course may be offered in compressed mode. Consult the current timetable.

Attributes: F2A9

BUSM 51103 Credits

Managing Dynamic Teams

This course will cover the skills needed to build, lead and motivate high-performance teams as a leader. It is intended to provide students with both a conceptual understanding, as well as experiential learning opportunities in initial stages of team construction and development, examining issues of power and control in team functioning, facilitating team problem solving and decision making, evaluating team performance and individual contributions, and providing feedback on team behaviour. Working on virtual teams is an emerging challenge for many leaders and methods for working in these environments will be examined. Note: This course may be offered in compressed mode. Consult the current timetable.

Attributes: F2A9

BUSM 51203 Credits

Project Management

Students will learn the key project management concepts, tools and techniques through which projects are selected, planned, executed, monitored and controlled, and brought to a close. They will explore and practice competencies in the nine key project management areas: scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, risk, procurement, communication and integration management. Note: This course may be offered in compressed mode. Consult the current timetable.

Attributes: F2A9

BUSM 51303 Credits

Quantitative Methods for Business Management

This course will provide the foundation and experience for students to apply a variety of modeling approaches to management problems and decision making in a variety of business functions, e.g., marketing, operations management, finance, accounting, long term strategy and managerial economics. Practical experience in statistics will be provided, and on completion students will be able to critically assess statistical analysis undertaken in their workplace.

Attributes: F2A9

BUSM 51403 Credits

Negotiations and Stakeholder Communications

This course will help students become more effective communicators and decision-makers by learning proven techniques for building and maintaining relationships, applying appropriate power and influence, structuring agreements, and developing stakeholder buy-in in a variety of negotiation scenarios. Students will examine core decision-making challenges and apply strategies and techniques to effectively engage colleagues, staff, partners, customers, and clients in collaborative negotiations.

Attributes: F2A9

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