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Assessment & Testing Services

Welcome to KPU Assessment & Testing Services!

KPU's Assessment and Testing Department offers:

  • Educational assessments to ensure that students are placed into programs and/or courses that match their abilities and needs;
  • Assessments for admission into various KPU programs;
  • Invigilation of exams for other institutions or outside agencies.

All applicants to KPU, regardless of country of origin or citizenship status, must be able to undertake studies in the English language.  Applicants may be required to produce evidence of competency to undertake studies in the English language.  An applicant may be required to take a test of facility in the English language before admission to a program.  Competence in the English language is required for listening, reading, speaking and writing.

Most courses offered are reading and writing intensive.  Applicants who cannot produce evidence of competency or who do not meet the standards set by a test of facility in the English language should inquire about Academic and Career Advancement Programs.

Testing is required for entrance into a variety of programs at KPU.  The tests being used are not examinations; they are designed to help students determine their appropriate placement levels for admission to courses or programs that have specific pre-requisites.  If you do not meet the English Proficiency Admission Requirement, or the requirements for a program, you may be required to complete appropriate testing and/or upgrading.

If you require assistance in determining which test is most suitable for you, please book an appointment with the ACA Academic Advisor online at

To book an assessment, please visit the Student Enrolment Services office on either the Surrey, Richmond, Langley or Cloverdale Tech campus.

To book an invigilation only, please contact our office at 604.599.2368 or email us at:

PLEASE NOTE: All students are required to bring photo ID to their testing session.  Acceptable forms of photo ID include the following: BCID, Drivers Licence, Passport, KPU Student ID Card.


KPU Assessment & Testing Services is a member of the following organizations: Logo

BCHETA British Columbia Higher Education Testing Association




Assessment & Testing Services:  "Opening Doors to Student Success"