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Institute for Sustainable Food Systems




The Institute for Sustainable Food Systems, directed by Dr. Kent Mullinix, is an applied research group within the Department for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems based on the Richmond Campus at KPU. Our focus is on regional-scale, human intensive food systems. Our past and current work falls under two categories: MSA projects and Bio-Regional Food Systems projects.

Through our MSA (“Municipally Supported Agriculture”) projects, we have worked with municipalities in Southwest BC to investigate the direct economic, environmental, and social benefits that could result if municipalities invested in and supported small scale agriculture in their communities. Our work has demonstrated significant potential for increased food security, a reduction of farmland loss to urban sprawl, job creation, and wealth generation.

In our Bio-Regional Food Systems projects, we are working to evaluate the potential for a food systems organized at the eco-region scale and comprised of small scale, human intensive, and ecologically sound supply chain components to improve food self-reliance, minimize environmental impact, improve economic viability of farms and ancillary businesses, contribute to the local economy, and strengthen communities. We are currently working on bio-regional food systems projects in Southwest BC and in the Yukon.

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