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About Us

The Teaching & Learning Commons

KPU's teaching and learning centre has been renamed to the "Teaching and Learning Commons", formerly known as INSTL. The Commons extends beyond the typical definition of a teaching and learning centre. As you'll see through this website, the "Commons" is a place for all members of the University Community who have a common interest in teaching and learning. We invite and recognize contributions and experiences from the KPU community. Feel free to post in the blog and/or contact us if you have expertise you'd like to share (e.g. co-facilitating workshops, communities of practice, co-developing pro-d programs for KPU educators, etc.)

The Teaching and Learning Commons serves as catalyst, collaborator, connector, communicator and coordinator for teaching and learning at KPU. In other words, we are stewards, work in partnership with other academic and administrative departments and provide complementary expertise. Together, we will achieve exemplary student learning experiences and leadership in distinctive areas of teaching and learning within the BC post-secondary community, and beyond. You will have multiple opportunities to contribute to KPU's teaching and learning plan, as well as the Commons' directions. In the meantime, we welcome hearing from you.

For consultations or department-specific sessions or workshops, please contact the appropriate person below.


Stephanie Chu

Stephanie T.L. Chu, PhD
Vice Provost, Teaching and Learning                                             
Office: Arbutus 2412, KPU Surrey

Gina Buchanan

Gina Buchanan, MEd, EdD (Cand.)
Senior Manager, Educational Development
604.362.7147 (c)                                                                                                                                                                                                      Biography

Katherine Boleszczukf

Katherine Boleszczuk, BA
Administrative Manager


Meg Goodine, Associate Arts, MA
Manager, Learning Technology

Robin Leung

Robin Leung, BBA
Senior Learning Systems Administrator

Jay Singh

Judhbir (Jay) Singh, B.Tech
Learning Systems Support Specialist

Mustafa Mohammed

Mustafa Mohammed
Student Assistant (Moodle & Mahara support)

Lesley McCannell

Lesley McCannell, BA, MBA
ePortfolio Faculty Liaison  
Business Instructor

David Burns

David Burns, PhD
Teaching Fellow, Learning Outcomes (Outgoing)
Teaching Fellow, K-12 Transformation (Incoming)
Educational Studies Instructor
Principal Investigator, Kwantlen Educational Policy Incubator

Larissa Petrillo, PhD
Teaching Fellow, Experiential Learning (Outgoing)
Anthropology Instructor
Acting Director, KPU Centre for Interdisciplinary Research: Community Learning Engagement

Rajiv Jhangiani

Rajiv Jhaniani, PhD
Teaching Fellow, Open Studies (Outgoing)
Psychology Instructor
Senior Open Education Advocacy & Research Fellow, BCcampus

Farhad Dastur

Farhad Dastur, PhD
Teaching Fellow, Experiential Learning (Incoming)
Psychology & Interdisciplinary Amazon Field School Instructor 
OER Research Fellow, Open Education Group 
Member, Research Ethics Board

Nancy Norman

Nancy Norman, PhD
Teaching Fellow, K-12 Transformation (Incoming)
Education Assistant Instructor
Faculty and Practicum Coordinator

Leeann Waddington

Leeann Waddington, RN, MS
Teaching Fellow, Learning Environments (Incoming)
Nursing Instructor
Acting Director, KPU Centre for Interdisciplinary Research: Community Learning Engagement