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The Teaching & Learning Commons

KPU's teaching and learning centre has been renamed to the "Teaching and Learning Commons", formerly known as INSTL. The Commons extends beyond the typical definition of a teaching and learning centre. As you'll see through this website, the "Commons" is a place for all members of the University Community who have a common interest in teaching and learning. We invite and recognize contributions and experiences from the KPU community. Feel free to post in the blog and/or contact us if you have expertise you'd like to share (e.g. co-facilitating workshops, communities of practice, co-developing pro-d programs for KPU educators, etc.)

The Teaching and Learning Commons serves as catalyst, collaborator, connector, communicator and coordinator for teaching and learning at KPU. In other words, we are stewards, work in partnership with other academic and administrative departments and provide complementary expertise. Together, we will achieve exemplary student learning experiences and leadership in distinctive areas of teaching and learning within the BC post-secondary community, and beyond. You will have multiple opportunities to contribute to KPU's teaching and learning plan, as well as the Commons' directions. In the meantime, we welcome hearing from you.

For consultations or department-specific sessions or workshops, please contact the appropriate person below.


Stephanie Chu

Stephanie T.L. Chu, PhD
Vice Provost, Teaching and Learning
Office: Arbutus 2412, KPU Surrey

Gina Buchanan

Gina Buchanan, MEd, EdD (Cand.)
Senior Manager, Educational Development
604.362.8137 (c)
Office: Arbutus 2416, KPU Surrey

As the Senior Manager of Educational Development, Gina’s role is to collaborate with staff, faculty and administration to facilitate the development of teaching and learning excellence within the KPU community. In addition to the design, development and provision of information, resources and development opportunities for faculty and instructional staff (including workshops and other learning opportunities), Gina is also available for and interested in individual, group and departmental/faculty consultations and collaborations. For example, Gina would be interested in exploring strategies to enhance student engagement, assist educators in employing reflective journals and developing alternative assessment tools/strategies.

Katherine Boleszczuk

Katherine Boleszczuk, BA
Administrative Manager
Office: Arbutus 2400, KPU Surrey


Radka Quigley
Communications & Events Specialist
Office: Arbutus 2400, KPU Surrey

Learning Technologies Team

Leeann Waddington

Leeann Waddington, RN, MS
Manager, Learning Technology & Educational Media
Office: Arbutus 2416, KPU Surrey


Junsong (Jun) Zhang, MEd, MDM
Teaching & Learning Technologies Strategist
Office: Arbutus 2400, KPU Surrey

Robin Leung

Robin Leung, BBA
Senior Learning Systems Administrator
Office: Arbutus 2400, KPU Surrey

As a key member of the Learn Tech team, Robin supports a suite of learning tools and platforms at KPU. Robin’s role includes:
• Collaborating with members of the Learn Tech team, IT, and faculty to provide administrative support to all learning platforms at KPU,
• Working with faculty and staff to provide user support through education and learning together,
• Providing user training in a one-to-one setting and in a workshop environment

Robin's interest lies in using digital tools to enhance the realms of teaching and learning.

Anmol Profile

Anmol Mangat
Student Assistant
Office: Arbutus 2400, KPU Surrey


Educational Consultants & Teaching Fellows

Lesley McCannell

Lesley McCannell, BA, MBA
Educational Consultant, ePortfolio (.25) & Internationalization (.25)
Business Instructor


Kristie Dukewich
Educational Consultant (0.25)
Psychology Instructor

David Burns

David Burns, PhD
Teaching Fellow, K-12 Transformation (Jan 2018 - Aug 2019)
Educational Studies Instructor
Principal Investigator, Kwantlen Educational Policy Incubator

As one of the two recently appointed Teaching Fellows in the K-16 Transformation portfolio, David will continue to partner with Surrey Schools to provide concrete examples of the kind of work produced in the new curriculum. In addition to these examples, he will produce explanatory resources about how KPU can prepare for this shift in educational practice. He is available to consult on the ways in which the new K-12 curriculum can be built on in KPU classrooms, the key changes KPU needs to be ready for, and the pedagogical experience the new BC grade 12 graduate will expect.

Nancy Norman, PhD
Teaching Fellow, K-12 Transformation (Jan 2018 - Aug 2019)
Education Assistant Instructor
Faculty and Practicum Coordinator

Nancy is also a newly appointed Teaching Fellow in the K-16 Transformation portfolio. Her expertise centres around pedagogical approaches that use Universal Design as a framework for teaching and learning, and emphasize Differentiated Instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners. Nancy is available to support faculty in developing their toolbox of student-centred teaching approaches and resources, as well as provide insights and expertise about the recent changes to the K-12 curriculum in BC and how these changes will impact faculty instructional needs.

Farhad Dastur

Farhad Dastur, PhD
Teaching Fellow, Experiential Learning

Psychology & Interdisciplinary Amazon Field School Instructor
OER Research Fellow, Open Education Group
Member, Research Ethics Board

As the Teaching Fellow for Experiential Learning, Farhad is excited about supporting experiential learning opportunities in teaching. Many educators, across disciplines and programs, share some common teaching aspirations. We want our learners to:
• Become independent and reflective thinkers;
• Reflect on their learning by assessing their decisions against the consequences of those decisions;
• Apply their skills and conceptual understandings to authentic, real-world situations and problems.
Experiential learning—which happens whenever students learn from experience or learn by doing—can help support these pedagogical aspirations. To quote Lewis & Williams (1994), “Experiential education first immerses learners in an experience and then encourages reflection about the experience to develop new skills, new attitudes, or new ways of thinking” (p. 5). Experiential learning activities are limited only by our imaginations. Here are diverse examples of how KPU faculty have used experiential learning in their teaching:

If you are interested in how to expand or deepen experiential learning opportunities in your teaching, Farhad is happy to meet over coffee/tea (his treat!) and begin the conversation.


Teaching Fellow, Learning Environments (Vacant)

Outgoing (Ended Aug 2018) Leeann Waddington, RN, MS
Manager, Learning Technology & Educational Media


Teaching Fellow, Open Education (Vacant)

Outgoing (Ended Dec 2017) Rajiv Jhaniani, PhD
Special Advisor to the Provost on Open Education