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Spanish (SPAN)

This is a list of the Spanish (SPAN) courses available at KPU.

For information about transfer of credit amongst institutions in B.C. and to see how individual courses transfer, go to the BC Transfer Guide

Courses at the 1100-level are open to students who have no knowledge of that language.

Students with competence in a language beyond the level of the courses available are not permitted to register. In the event that they do register, they will be required to withdraw. Students who are not sure of their language level should contact an instructor for an assessment. Generally, students who are native speakers of a language are not permitted to register in the related Modern Language course. For information on some exceptions, please contact the instructor of the language of interest.

SPAN 11003 Credits

Basic Spanish I

Students who have little or no previous knowledge of Spanish will learn basic communication skills used in a Spanish cultural context. They will develop the ability to speak, comprehend, read, and write Spanish at a beginner level through various communicative tasks.

SPAN 11013 Credits

Basic Spanish II

Students will build on previously acquired basic skills in Spanish and continue to develop speaking, listening, reading, and writing proficiency at a basic level through various communicative tasks. In addition, students will continue exploring the culture of Spanish-speaking peoples.

Note: This course is designed for students with a basic knowledge of Spanish only. Therefore, students who speak the language beyond the level of this course are overqualified and need to be assessed to register appropriately.

Prerequisites: SPAN 1100, or Spanish 11 (with a grade C or higher), or assessment by instructor

SPAN 22003 Credits

Intermediate Spanish I

Students will develop proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing at an intermediate level while further exploring the Spanish-speaking culture. Students are expected to converse exclusively in Spanish during class time.

Prerequisites: SPAN 1101, or Spanish 12 (with a grade C or higher), or assessment by instructor

SPAN 22013 Credits

Intermediate Spanish II

Students will build on previously acquired skills and will become more fluent and accurate in speech and listening comprehension. They will develop reading and writing skills while increasing their understanding of modern Spanish society and culture. Students will converse exclusively in Spanish during class time.

Prerequisites: SPAN 2200, or assessment by instructor

SPAN 22053 Credits

Writing and Oral Skills for Spanish Speakers

Students possessing a native or near-native command of oral Spanish and/or an upper intermediate level of the language will consolidate their knowledge of Spanish with a special focus on writing the language formally (i.e. spelling, orthography and punctuation, expanding vocabulary at formal registers, and broadening the range of topics used in written and oral expression). Students will gain writing skills in a simple but formal and clear style. They will also increase their awareness of the diversity of Spanish spoken in different Spanish-speaking cultures.

Note: This course is designed for students possessing a native or near native command of oral Spanish.

Prerequisites: SPAN 2201, or native or near-native oral command of Spanish, or assessment test

SPAN 33103 Credits

Advanced Spanish Conversation through Film

Students will expand their conversational proficiency through the understanding of and appreciation for Spanish-speaking cultures and communities around the globe. Students will combine language and culture through the study of popular films as rich sources of cultural information. Students will be exposed to content-based communicative language learning to acquire advanced Spanish conversational skills in meaningful contexts.

Prerequisites: SPAN 2201 or 2205 or Assessment Test

SPAN 33203 Credits

Advanced Spanish Reading and Writing

Students will improve literary reading skills and advanced writing in Spanish. They will review complex grammar structures used in literary texts from different Spanish-speaking authors. Students will be provided with the necessary tools to enhance their vocabulary and to think critically and analytically about what they read and write in Spanish. They will write factual, expository, argumentative, and narrative essays.

Prerequisites: SPAN 2201 or 2205 or Assessment Test

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