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Computer Business Systems (CBSY)

This is a list of the Computer Business Systems (CBSY) courses available at KPU.

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CBSY 11053 Credits

Computer Business Applications

Students will utilize computer application software in a business environment, and will be provided with detailed instruction in the use of spreadsheet, word processing, and presentation software. Students will develop and apply computer skills and concepts that are critical for academic and career through business-oriented examples taught in a hands-on environment (i.e. computer lab).

Attributes: PATH-2

CBSY 11103 Credits

Business Problem Solving with Spreadsheets

Students will employ spreadsheet software to address real business problems, and will be provided with detailed instruction in the use of it. Students will develop and apply spreadsheet skills and concepts that are critical for academic and career through business-oriented examples taught in a hands-on environment (i.e. computer lab).

CBSY 22053 Credits

Management Information Systems

Students will examine the use of Information Systems from a management perspective in business. They will study how Information Systems are structured, and how these systems are used to support management decision making and gain a competitive advantage.

Prerequisites: 15 credits from undergraduate courses at the 1100 level or higher

CBSY 23053 Credits

Advanced Microcomputer Applications

Students will identify and solve business problems using database, spreadsheet, and accounting software. The student will research business opportunities, write project descriptions, develop a project using the application software, prepare user documentation and present the results in written form. The current packages in use are Microsoft Windows®, Microsoft Office® and CA Simply Accounting®.

Note: Students can not receive credit from both CBSY 2305 and 2310 for graduation from the Marketing Management Diploma program.

Prerequisites: CBSY 1105 and one of the following: ACCT 1110, 1160 or 2293.

CBSY 23063 Credits

Accounting Systems and Advanced Reporting Applications

Students will learn how to solve business problems using spreadsheets. Students will learn to use accounting systems to create accounts, define settings, record transactions, perform periodic processing and reporting within the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Inventory and Project Modules. Students will learn to use the results of accounting system reports in spreadsheets to analyze data in support of business decision making.

Prerequisites: ACCT 1210 or ACCT 2293

CBSY 23103 Credits

Advanced MS Office and Web Site Applications

Students will learn to identify business problems and solve them using database, spreadsheet, Web page development and Internet browser software. They will integrate the various current software components of Microsoft Office, industry standard website design applications, and web browsing software in solving these problems. Note: For graduation purposes, credit will not be granted for both CBSY 2310 and 2305.

Prerequisites: CBSY 1105

CBSY 24053 Credits

Accounting Information Systems

Students will acquire a basic knowledge of computer-based information systems, how they are developed and managed, and their role in the performance of accounting functions.

Prerequisites: CBSY 2205 and one of the following: ACCT 1210 or 2293.

CBSY 31003 Credits

Ethics in Information Technology

Students will study a variety of ethical and technology topics such as e-commerce, privacy, Internet issues, surveillance, intellectual property, etc. They will acquire knowledge of the theory and practice of business ethics in relation to information technology (IT). Student will also examine social, political, ethical, moral philosophical and legal issues that arise with the use of computer technologies.

Note: Students coming in to this course should have some significant study and group work experience in order to be able to contribute to and succeed in the course.

Prerequisites: 60 credits from university courses at the 1100 level or higher, including ENGL 1100 or CMNS 1140.

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