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Global Business Management (IBUS)

This is a list of the Global Business Management (IBUS) courses available at KPU.

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IBUS 61003 Credits

Intercultural Communication for Business

The course is aimed at increasing participant’s awareness of and sensitivity towards their own culture, as well as the culture of others. The content develops specific skills competence in cultural settings including business management techniques which can be used/ deployed in a variety of business settings. These settings include not just global settings but also domestic contexts with cultural diversity. This course also provides a rich environment for discussion that builds on elements of global citizenship and global world view.

Attributes: F2A9

IBUS 61103 Credits

International Operations In Trade

This course is designed to develop an applied understanding of developments in global trade operations and the way in which businesses position themselves to optimally harness opportunities within a global competitive environment. It introduces both operational and strategic aspects of global trade operations through analyzing current trade procedures, practices and policies related to the exchange of goods or services along international borders.

Attributes: F2A9

IBUS 61203 Credits

Marketing for International Organization

This course covers marketing theory and methods as they apply to world markets. The main aim of the course is to link international marketing with the overall strategy of the business while examining the impact of cultural, political and legal issues and the economic differences in global strategies. Emphasis is placed on market entry strategies and developing the marketing mix appropriate to various international global environments. A global marketing strategic plan will be designed from real organization or for a start-up or born-global type company.

Attributes: F2A9

IBUS 61303 Credits

E-commerce Design and Digital Marketing

This course links online marketing theory and practice to traditional business strategy, competitiveness, consumer behaviour, models as well as e-commerce development and design. Upon completion of this course, students will have a comprehensive understanding of the impact of digital marketing and e-commerce. Students will build an e-commerce site within a capstone project for marketing goods or services or providing e-commerce solutions to clients. Some of the applied topics in this course include identifying the business model, plan, research audience, technology hosting, budgeting, as well as web content development. The course also covers models of commercial transactions, payments, customer services and fulfillment as well as transactional risks and ethical issues of e-commerce.

Attributes: F2A9

IBUS 61403 Credits

Advanced Topics in International Business and Economics

Students will be able to further their knowledge of international business practices in a world context paying attention to operations, trade, investments, international financial markets, new financial instruments, etc. Through case studies, students will analyze current international business environments as well as specific industries and their success and challenges. In addition, students study a variety of industries across the globe. Advanced topics on international economics are also covered in the course and they present an applied knowledge of economics for business decision-making by managers. Possible topics include: dislocations on globalization, the globalization process, opportunities provided by free trade and free trade challenges, economic development perspectives, likelihood of economic recessions and global integration and innovation.

Attributes: F2A9

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