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Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM)

This is a list of the Operations and Supply Chain Management courses available at KPU.

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OSCM 51003 Credits

Strategic Operations Management

An operations strategy refers to a set of operational decisions that a firm makes to achieve a long-term competitive advantage. The course covers strategic decisions in product and process design, technology, facilities, vertical integration, work design, and other areas, and also explores means of competition such as cost, quality, timeliness, productivity, customer service and innovativeness. Students will also analyse the intra-organizational relationships among the major functions both in manufacturing and service companies and the interface with the organization’s suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders.

Note:  This course may be offered in compressed mode. Consult the current timetable.

Attributes: F2A9

OSCM 51103 Credits

Information Systems for Operations and Supply Chain Management

Students will learn how to employ information technology to support the building and maintenance of competitive advantages through operations and supply chains, based on international benchmarks such as Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR). With the help of information technology, students will learn the theory and practice associated with developing and managing an effective and efficient flow of materials and information throughout the value chain within internal processes, between an organization and multiple tiers of suppliers and between an organization and customers. Students will understand concepts and apply technology-based approaches aiming at reducing operational costs, optimizing processing capacity, expediting accurate information transfer, enabling effective forecasting and planning under complex and dynamic environments. Ultimately, applying such technologies will capacitate students to implement and maintain in-transit delivery of customizable value. Information systems covered will include, but are not limited to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Intelligence Systems (BI), Radio Frequency Identification Systems (RFID), and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Attributes: F2A9

OSCM 51203 Credits

Quality Management

Students will demonstrate advanced understanding of a number of critical components of Quality Management as a conduit to organizational effectiveness. Specific outcomes include demonstrating an understanding of quality management in both manufacturing and service industries, and related concepts including Statistical Quality Control (SQC) and Statistical Process Control (SPC); Six Sigma and Total Quality Management (TQM); measurement of quality in services; and quality systems.

Attributes: F2A9

OSCM 51303 Credits

Productivity, Innovation, and Lean Systems

Students will study the organic link between productivity and standard of living. The effects on productivity of organization-level factors will be analyzed in depth. The major importance of innovation (especially incremental innovation) for productivity gains will be examined in the context of understanding the typical processes that ensure the transformation of inputs into outputs both in manufacturing and in services. Note: This course may be offered in compressed mode. Consult the current timetable.

Attributes: F2A9

OSCM 51403 Credits

Supply Chain & Logistics Management

Students will learn how to design and implement supply chain and logistics networks, and how to set and monitor relevant and meaningful metrics leading to competitiveness enhancement. Students will examine in depth the evolving concepts and tools of customer service management, transportation, warehousing, reverse flows, humanitarian logistics, sustainability, and the roles of external forces such as technology, globalization, government regulations, and the growing power of informed customers. Students will apply their knowledge and skills to audit or design real supply chain and logistics activities.

Attributes: F2A9

OSCM 51503 Credits

Applied Operations & Supply Chain Management Project

Students will complete an Operations & Supply Chain audit of an organization and submit suggestions destined to improve the existing Operations & Supply Chain metrics. Class work will include interactive sessions on planning and structuring the audits, solving specific Operations & Supply Chain problems and dealing with project management issues, and addressing – in a large group setting – complex problems encountered by groups and their client organizations.

Prerequisites: 9 credits from courses in OSCM

Attributes: F2A9

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