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Farrier Training (FARR)

This is a list of the Farrier Training (FARR) courses available at KPU.

Enrolment in some sections of these courses is restricted to students in particular programs. See the Course Planner - - for current information about individual courses.

For information about transfer of credit amongst institutions in B.C. and to see how individual courses transfer, go to the BC Transfer Guide

FARR 11212 Credits

Introduction to Farriery

Students will learn the professional responsibilities of the trade and the role of the modern farrier within the equine industry. They will learn and practice the essential requirements and habits of a safe work environment for both farrier and horse. Students will develop and execute a personal fitness plan. They will also review the fundamentals of effective horse handling.

FARR 11222 Credits

Introduction to Equine Anatomy

Students will study the conformation of the horse. They will explore the anatomy of the horse with an emphasis on the limb and hoof in preparation for basic shoeing exercises.

FARR 11232 Credits

Introduction to Equine Management for Farriers

Students will study and practice the basic elements of horse care and management relevant to farriery. Students will manage average and difficult horses in preparation for both trimming and shoeing.

FARR 11242 Credits

Introduction to Forge Work

Students will learn the basic skills to hot forge mild steel using hand tools. They will learn how to operate natural gas and propane forges and use a variety of anvils common in the farrier industry.

FARR 11252 Credits

Introduction to Horse Hoof Trimming

The student will learn to assess hoof health and conformation and the trimming needs of average horses to be barefoot. They will practice trimming fore and hind hooves on horses kept barefoot.

FARR 11262 Credits

Introduction to Forging Horseshoes

The student will learn the techniques to efficiently produce hot forged horse shoes, from mild steel, for the average horse.

FARR 12212 Credits

Intermediate Farriery

Students will learn the essentials of running a small business servicing the equine industry. They will examine the diversity of equine conformation and how it is connected to leg and hoof problems. They will work with moderately challenging horses and will execute a personal fitness plan.

Prerequisites: FARR 1121 and 1123

FARR 12222 Credits

Physiology of the Equine Leg and Hoof

Student will learn the physiology of individual tissues and the limb, of the horse, as a complete unit. They will study extrinsic and intrinsic factors affecting limb physiology. They will learn trimming and shoeing adaptations to improve hoof function and comfort of the horse.

Prerequisites: FARR 1122

FARR 12232 Credits

Equine Hoof Trimming

Students will work with moderately challenging horses, trimming fore and hind hooves for both barefoot and shoeing situations. They will practice trimming tool repair and maintenance.

Prerequisites: FARR 1123 and FARR 1125

FARR 12243 Credits

Intermediate Horseshoe Forging

Students will learn and practice a variety of forging techniques to modify horseshoes to meet the demands of a variety of equine sports. They will also explore horse show rules governing farriery.

Prerequisites: FARR 1124 and 1126

FARR 12253 Credits

Intermediate Horseshoeing

Students will practice efficient fitting and application of horseshoes to fore and hind hooves of horses. Students will shoe client horses with premade and custom forged shoes for a range of equine disciplines, and individual needs of the horse-owner. Students will modify shoes to meet individual needs of various horses.

Prerequisites: FARR 1121 and 1222 and 1123 and 1124 and 1125 and 1126

FARR 13212 Credits

Advanced Farriery

Students will learn the techniques to efficiently produce tools used in the farrier and blacksmith trade. They will explore the use of non-traditional materials for hoof repair and shoeing of horses. Students will execute a personal fitness plan.

Prerequisites: FARR 1221

FARR 13222 Credits

Equine Disease and Lameness

Students will study diseases of the horse with an emphasis on diseases of the limbs and hooves and the relationship to lameness. They will examine the correlation between conformation, management and disease. Students will study the gaits of the horse to develop understanding how gait relates to evidence of lameness. They will explore the role of the farrier and the relationship to veterinary practice.

Prerequisites: FARR 1222

FARR 13233 Credits

Farrier Podiatry

Students will study basic theories, principles and processes for the treatment of disease and lameness of the limb and hoof of the horse from a farrier perspective. Students will conduct lameness exams and develop trimming and shoeing solutions for live horses.

Prerequisites: FARR 1222 and 1224 and 1225

FARR 13245 Credits

Advanced Horseshoeing

Students will learn and practice methods to work safely and successfully on the most difficult horses. They will learn management techniques for horses displaying a variety of behavior challenges. They will study the development of the equine limb from birth to maturity. Students will practice efficient trimming and shoeing methods.

Prerequisites: FARR 1223 and 1224 and 1225

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