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Legal Administrative Studies (LGLA)

This is a list of the Legal Administrative Studies (LGLA) courses available at KPU.

Enrolment in some sections of these courses is restricted to students in particular programs. See the Course Planner - - for current information about individual courses.

For information about transfer of credit amongst institutions in B.C. and to see how individual courses transfer, go to the BC Transfer Guide

LGLA 11101.5 Credits

Bookkeeping for the Law Office

Students will practice basic bookkeeping functions for a law office. They will record and post basic bookkeeping transactions, reconcile bank statements, perform basic payroll functions, and recognize the distinctions between general and trust funds.

LGLA 11253 Credits

Introduction To Legal Office Procedures

Students will study and apply the procedures and documentation related to a general legal office for success in the workplace. They will work in teams to examine statute and case law.

LGLA 11353 Credits

Legal Administrative Computer Applications II

Students will be instructed in the detailed use of file management, PDF, presentation, electronic communications, and spreadsheet software useful in a legal administrative environment. Using legal administrative-oriented examples taught in a hands-on environment (i.e. a computer lab), students will develop and apply skills and concepts that are critical for success in their academic studies and career.

Prerequisites: LGLA 1145

LGLA 11453 Credits
(Formerly ABTY 1145)

Legal Administrative Computer Applications I: Document Preparation/Production

Legal assistants require proficiency and advanced skills in document production to service all practice areas in a legal firm. Students will learn to create and format complex legal documents and layouts efficiently using the industry current document production program(s).

LGLA 11501.5 Credits

Law Office Relations and Conflict Resolution

Students will learn basic principles and skills for developing interpersonal skills to increase effectiveness in the law office environment. Topics explored include self-awareness, relationship development, assertiveness, group dynamics, intercultural communication, stress management and conflict resolution strategies, with a focus on enabling students to be successful and to reach their personal goals in the workplace.

LGLA 12023 Credits
(Formerly ABTY 1202)

Corporate Law and Procedures

Students will develop an understanding of the procedures and terminology relating to corporate law, and will become familiar with the requirements of the BC Business Corporations Act. Students will prepare the documentation required for: incorporation of a company; post-incorporation matters; annual requirements; and changes during a company's life cycle. Students will also learn how to maintain and file the appropriate documents in a Corporate Records Book.

LGLA 12033 Credits
(Formerly ABTY 1203)


Students will apply the procedures and documentations related to the transfer of real estate in British Columbia. They will focus on the transfer of title of residential properties, including strata title and mortgage financing.

Prerequisites: All of (a) LGLA 1145, 1202, 1205 and (b) CMNS 1140

LGLA 12043 Credits
(Formerly ABTY 1204)

Wills and Estates

Students will prepare and process wills, codicils, applications for Letters Probate and Letters of Administration, correspondence regarding estates, distribution and passing of accounts.

Prerequisites: All of (a) LGLA 1145, 1202, 1205 and (b) CMNS 1140

LGLA 12053 Credits
(Formerly ABTY 1205)

Litigation and Civil Procedure

Students will study the process of civil litigation in BC. They will learn the preparation and processing of civil litigation documents, including application and trial procedures.

LGLA 12063 Credits
(Formerly ABTY 1206)

Family Law and Procedures

Students will be introduced to family law in BC. They will learn the preparation and processing of family law documents, including trial procedures and collections procedures resulting from court judgments. Student centered instruction will focus on the legal procedures and documentation related to marriage agreements, separation agreements, division of family assets and defended and undefended divorces. Students will become familiar with the requirements of the Divorce Act and the Family Law Act.

Prerequisites: All of (a) LGLA 1145, 1202, 1205 and (b) CMNS 1140

LGLA 13993 Credits
(Formerly ABTY 1399)

Legal Assistant Work Experience/Project

Students will apply academic and practical knowledge and skills through relevant experience in the workplace or through the completion of a comprehensive project.

Prerequisites: All of (a) LGLA 1125, 1145, 1150, 1202, 1205 and (b) CMNS 1140

Co-requisites: All of LGLA 1110, 1135, 1203, 1204, and 1206

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