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Masonry (MSRY)

This is a list of the Masonry (MSRY) courses available at KPU.

Enrolment in some sections of these courses is restricted to students in particular programs. See the Course Planner - - for current information about individual courses.

For information about transfer of credit amongst institutions in B.C. and to see how individual courses transfer, go to the BC Transfer Guide

MSRY 10011.5 Credits

Masonry History and Communication

Students will describe the evolution of the bricklaying trade and will identify major historical architecture. They will know the role of the apprentice, business and labour organizations, and will recognize the responsibilities of employers and employees. Students will also learn to identify employability and leadership skills required in the bricklaying industry. Methods of communication and the current tools used in communication will be studied.

MSRY 10052.5 Credits

First Aid and Safety in the Masonry Trade

Students will describe workplace hazards and demonstrate their knowledge of WorksafeBC and OHS regulations. Students will demonstrate fall protection and personal protection equipment systems. Students will describe fire safety procedures and WHMIS standards and procedures.

Prerequisites: MSRY 1001

MSRY 10103 Credits

Materials in the Masonry Trade

Students will describe materials used in the masonry trade relative to their sizes, composition, manufacture, and how they might be handled at the job site. Students will describe and demonstrate the use of masonry mortars used to install various masonry materials. Students will become familiar with job site conditions and particular preparation methods specified for the job at hand; envelope details, tarp systems for inclement weather, structural considerations etc.

Prerequisites: MSRY 1005

MSRY 10152 Credits

Construct Masonry Projects

Students will demonstrate the appropriate use of mortar and grout in the layout and construction of masonry projects. They will use the appropriate bricks, blocks and stone to complete these projects in an organized and safe manner complying with all OHS and WorkSafeBC regulations.

Prerequisites: MSRY 1010

Co-requisites: MSRY 1120

MSRY 10203 Credits

Hand Tools, Ladders, Scaffolds and Elevated Platforms

Students will demonstrate competent use and handling of hand tools in the masonry trade, including levels, trowels, hammers, jointing tools and line blocks with mason’s line. Students will demonstrate their ability to set up scaffolding, ladders and elevated work platforms commonly used on masonry projects while safely adhering to WorkSafeBC regulations.

Co-requisites: MSRY 1015

MSRY 10253 Credits

Power Tools and Related Equipment

Students will demonstrate the use and handling of power tools commonly used in the masonry trade which may include masonry saws, mortar/cement mixers, grinders, rotary hammer drills, powder actuated tools and pallet jacks. Students will describe and demonstrate knot tying and rigging/hoisting procedures utilized on masonry job sites.

Prerequisites: MSRY 1020

MSRY 10301 Credits

Blueprint Reading, Estimating, Layout and Restoration

Students will demonstrate the ability to interpret building codes and symbols used in the bricklaying trade. They will also demonstrate their understanding of terminology, and construction drawings, to a level where they can proceed with layout to complete a project. Students will describe the use of surveying equipment and their uses on masonry projects. Students will learn methods for cleaning and sealing masonry.

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