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Featured Alumni | Shirin Moradi Galvez


Shirin Moradi Galvez’s passion for writing began once they learned to lift a pencil. Growing up, Shirin wrote stories, lyrics, and screenplays as a past-time to fulfill their interest, a key influence that led them to study creative writing and English at KPU.

During their studies, Shirin has focused on refining their craft and voice through a variety of writing assignments. “Writing can be very draining, and writer’s block is very real, even when doing assignments,” they share. “Being able to write about something that inspires me or gets me thinking can be very refreshing.” 

A key component in developing Shirin’s voice were the accomplished and influential instructors at KPU, including award-winning authors Dr. Aislinn Hunter and Dr. Renée Sarojini Saklikar. “Both have helped me immensely with developing and improving my creative writing, by being very honest and super encouraging,” Shirin reflects.

Shirin’s instructors have also been incredibly supportive in their endeavours outside of the classroom. From speaking at a community workshop hosted by Shirin, to being invited to represent KPU at a poetry reading event, the instructors’ influence far exceeds the classroom.

As Shirin enters their last year of studies, they are excited to publish poems and become a true author, a challenge they have overcome through a confidence-inspiring education at KPU. “KPU is a university full of opportunities, some of which you may have never considered. Give it a shot! You will learn something new about yourself.”