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The Value of Arts

The Value of Arts

What's the Value of An Arts Degree?

Our world is becoming more and more complex.  As a KPU Arts student, you will harness your creativity while building and sharpening the skills needed to solve the problems of tomorrow. An arts degree gives you the critical skills and experiences to prepare you for success in any career you choose. Let's look at some facts.

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Take a look at this graph about employment rates based on Statistics Canada data:

Employment Rates

The black line on the graph indicates the average university graduate's % of employment.  Notice that the four Arts disciplines on the graph exceed the average, with Criminology leading the way. 

Let's look at this graph on participation in BC’s labour force:

Labour Force

The black dotted line represents the average university graduate in BC and their labour force participation rate at about 76%. Can you tell which of the areas of study listed are arts disciplines?

The answer is ... all of them

That's right - all of the disciplines you see are above the average. And luckily at KPU, the Faculty of Arts houses 21 departments and disciplines so you can explore different areas and discover your interests.

An Arts degree prepares you for tomorrow’s economy.

BC Employers value KPU Arts graduates.  Whether you pursue your Arts degree in Criminology, Policy Studies, Music, Journalism & Communications, Asian Studies, Language & Cultures, Psychology or one of our other dynamic and applied programs, you gain the skills and experiences that employers want.  That’s the truth.

Check out this excerpt from the British Columbia Labour Market Outlook: 2017 Edition (p.22):

Fig. 4-1

So if you want to be passionate about your career, learn more about us at

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