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Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

Cultivating Resilience and Livelihood in Food Systems


Welcome to the home page for the Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems at KPU. You'll find all the latest news on our program, research, laboratory farm development and much more.

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News & Events

Aug 22 / 2016
KPU Science World Speaker series

Honey bees are amazing creatures. They are clever, social insects. Along with the native pollinators, they account for up to 1/3 of all of the food they we eat.

May 31 / 2016

Starting May 31, there will be a new farmer's market at KPU Richmond each Tuesday from 3 - 7pm. The Kwantlen St.

May 26 / 2016

KPU Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems is seeking a full time coordinator for our research and teaching farm.  The farm facilitates hands-on learning and applied research focused on sust

Jan 22 / 2016

Volume 9 of the quarterly newsletter for the Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems programs is...


Jan 5 / 2016

The Farm Schools are looking for two new instructors to teach our part-time plant science and soil science courses.

Feb 13 / 2016

The 3rd Annual Small Farm Sessions are a full day of technical session and trade show for farmers with diverse operations connected with the local sustainable food system.

Nov 12 / 2015

Do you keep birds? Learn how to keep your poultry healthy! Keepi...

Sep 18 / 2015

We know our students have been doing some really fun stuff this past year and we'd like to get together to share our experiences, eat some food and enjoy some good company.