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Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

Cultivating Resilience and Livelihood in Food Systems


Welcome to the home page for the Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems at KPU. You'll find all the latest news on our program, research, laboratory farm development and much more.

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News & Events

Jul 20 / 2016

Join Tom Philpott of Mother Jones Magazine and Michael Bomford of the Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems program of KPU for a rich, thought-provoking conversation about what the future of...

Aug 22 / 2016
KPU Science World Speaker series

Honey bees are amazing creatures. They are clever, social insects. Along with the native pollinators, they account for up to 1/3 of all of the food they we eat.

May 31 / 2016

Starting May 31, there will be a new farmer's market at KPU Richmond each Tuesday from 3 - 7pm. The Kwantlen St.

May 26 / 2016

KPU Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems is seeking a full time coordinator for our research and teaching farm.  The farm facilitates hands-on learning and applied research focused on sust

Jan 22 / 2016

Volume 9 of the quarterly newsletter for the Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems programs is...


Jan 5 / 2016

The Farm Schools are looking for two new instructors to teach our part-time plant science and soil science courses.

Feb 13 / 2016

The 3rd Annual Small Farm Sessions are a full day of technical session and trade show for farmers with diverse operations connected with the local sustainable food system.