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Competency Assessment & Enhancement for Nursing Program (CAEN) PNCA 1000*

Course Description

The Competency Assessment & Enhancement for Nurses (CAEN) is designed for nurses who wish to update and/or enhance their nursing practice skills. The CAEN has 3 components; a self-assessment, an OSCE and multiple choice exam. The self-assessment is emailed to students to complete at home and bring to their appointment. The individualized assessment of nursing knowledge and skills is done in the simulation lab as if the student were caring for a patient on a medical/surgical unit in an acute setting. The multiple choice exam is at entry level practice with reasonable working level of knowledge. Based on the assessment outcomes, areas for practice enhancement are identified and recommendations regarding educational support are provided.

Please note:  Applicants intending to register for Consolidated Clinical (PNUR 1130) are required to show proof of English proficiency.  Please see the Consolidated Clinical website for full details.

Course Format

The CAEN Assessment is held every Wednesday by appointment only.  Appointments are confirmed once registration has been completed.  Applicants who wish to undertake the CAEN Assessment can purchase an available seat on the KPU Flexreg system for the specific month they plan to attend.  Once purchased, candidates will email our office to arrange the appointment date.  Once the appointment is confirmed, an email notification will be sent that includes details for the appointment and the self-assessment. The individualized simulation assessment (OSCE) takes 1.5 hours to complete.  Please wear your nursing uniform for the simulation assessment. Candidates are allotted 3 hours to complete the multiple choice exam. 

The CAEN Assessment is conducted at KPU's Langley campus in the south building.

Course Cost

The fee for the CAEN Assessment when paid by the candidate is $750 plus GST.  

If you are an employer or third party who would like to arrange a CAEN Assessment for an individual, please contact our office directly at 604-599-2232.  We will require a sponsorship letter that identifies the name of the candidate to be sponsored, the company name and address of where the invoice should be directed and a contact person to receive the final report.  The candidate would register for the CAEN via Flexreg by selecting a Sponsored seat that reflects $0 fees to the candidate.  The fees would be invoiced to the sponsor.

Entrance Requirements

To be eligible to register, applicants must have current or previous registration with CRNBC / CRPNBC / CLPNBC

How to Register

Registration is through Flexreg.  Please purchase a seat on Flexreg by selecting the appropriate month for the appointment date.  Sponsored candidates will require a sponsorship letter from the third party that includes the name of the applicant, to whom the report should be sent and authority to invoice the third party with the name and address of where to send the invoice.  Whether sponsoring or paying personally, the course to search on Flexreg is PNCA 1000.  All available options will appear, please select the appropriate course.  As sponsored seats are invoiced to a third party, the fees on Flexreg appear as $0 as the candidate is not responsible for them.  The fees would be invoiced to the third party.

Once a seat is purchased, please email our office to book the appointment.  All appointments are first come/first serve.  Please include in the email the regulatory file number, signed policy form and the preferred appointment date.

Text books

Candidates may wish to review a Medical surgical textbook or Psychomotor Skills textbook prior to the assessment but it is not mandatory.


Please contact our Program Assistant at 604.599.2232 or email