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Farm Schools


What is Farm School?

The Farm Schools are 9 month practical training programs solely focused on training new farmers. It will get you started in sustainable, small scale farming and direct marketing. Through a combination of classroom and hands-on practical learning on the farm, you will take your first steps into this exciting career, gain essential farming skills, and network with our vibrant local agricultural community. Our innovative program is inspired by the vast diversity of industry, individual farmers, scale and the future of food production.

The programs prepare people with any background for a career in farming, and as such have no application requirements or prerequisites. Farm schools are for novice farmers, backyard growers, gardeners, and folks who have never planted a seed before. Whether you want to become a farmer, or simply want to learn more about growing food, farm school will give you the knowledge to grow confidently

Make this your year of change with one of our farm schools:

  • Richmond Farm School - located in South Richmond, at the intersection of Gilbert Rd. and Dyke Rd. (established in 2010)
  • Tsawwassen Farm School - located in Tsawwassen and offered in partnership with Tsawwassen First Nation (established in 2015)

Which farm school is right for you?


The Tsawwassen Farm School is a partnership between KPU and Tsawwassen First Nation. The Tsawwassen Farm School is a 7-acre working farm integrating mixed vegetable production, an orchard and livestock production. This 4 day a week, Wednesday to Saturday program, is an intensive immersion into high production farming and focuses on a diversity of topics and specialties. As an education farm, it is also a working farm that sells to restaurants, fulfills 100+ weekly food boxes (CSA), multiple farmers markets and directly to customers. 

Key aspects:

  • 4 days per week
  • Medium-scale production, wide selection of varieties
  • 4 acre market garden and 2 acre orchard, with livestock
  • Working production farm
  • Set instruction time of a diversity of agriculture topics
  • Incorporates agriculture knowledge with an Indigenous perspective


The Richmond Farm School is situated on ALR land of the City of Richmond, demonstrating viable urban farming. This program focuses on small-scale, intensive, high value crop production. Classes for this program are one day a week on Saturdays. Learn how to grow within an urban environment such as front lawns, backyards, and small plots of land ranging from 1/4 -1/2 acre. Production will be focused on vegetables that are high in demand and value, have a quick turn around and are relatively easy to manage. Lean urban farming focuses on efficient and cost-effective practices, minimal infrastructure and low capital investments.  

Key aspects:

  • 1 day per week
  • Small-scale, intensive and selective vegetable production
  • 1/4 - 1/2 acre plots
  • Lean urban farming
  • Ideal operation model for urban farming

Visit their individual pages for more information!