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Kwantlen Educational Policy Incubator - Department of Educational Studies




What we do.

We find educational stakeholders (parents, students, administrators, community members, and more) with a need for new knowledge about educational policy, and connect them with students who either collect or create that knowledge. What the students produce is disseminated through academic papers and presentations, as well as through Youtube and Podcasts.

KEPI is a place to connect with the education and public policy thinkers of tomorrow.


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The Team 

Dr. David P. Burns, B.Ed., M.Ed., Ph.D., Primary Investigator; Teaching Fellow; Senate Vice Chair; Dept. of Educational Studies/Faculty of Arts: See full list of scholarly works here.  
Ms Anya Goldin, Senior Research Assistant, Policy; Student Researcher to the Senate

KEPI Alumni 

Ms Brianna Lewis, Research Assistant, Pedagogy; Learning Outcomes Developer
Ms Chanel Oliver, Research Assistant, Pedagogy
Ms Avneet Mathroo, Research Assistant, Pedagogy 
Mr Spencer Karjala, Digital Producer 
Ms Justine Jawanda, Research Assistant, Pedagogy
Ms Allison Gonzalez Biagi, Research Assistant, Policy
Ms Natasha Lopes, Research Assistant, Policy; Student Governor 


Our Work

The Surrey Portfolio Pathway Partnership (The S3P)
Grades Don't Tell Your Story - You Do. Driving Competency-Based Admission in Higher Education. 
S3P is KEPIs response to the changes taking place in the K-12 system. The Surrey Portfolio Pathway Partnership, or S3P, is intended to create a pathway through which students from the Surrey School District can be admitted to KPU with their portfolios, which are designed to show a more complete picture of each and every individual's skills and abilities than traditional letter grades. The goal, then, of the S3P project is to bridge the gap that currently exists between the K-12 school system and post-secondary. This goal is in line with the K-16 movement – which seeks to improve the transition from grade 12 to post-secondary study. It is also in line with KPU’s open access mandate, because of which we look for talent that others might not see.

See the S3P homepage at, and see our first findings.

See the S3P in Macleans, University Affairs, the Cloverdale Reporter, Academica Group's Top 10 of the day, and the KPU Newsroom


KEPI in Print 

KEPI in Times Higher Education, on teaching online

KEPI in University Affairs, on digital content creation

KEPI's report for the British Columbia Coalition of Parent Advisory Councils, on meeting students' individual needs 

KEPI in Council on Undergraduate Research, on undergraduate research in support of community decision-making

KEPI in Transformative Dialogues, on undergraduate research experiences and the community 

KEPI in the Kwantlen Open Resource Access, on sexual assault and campus safety 

KEPI's book review in the Philosophical Inquiry on Education

KEPI's first findings from the Surrey Portfolio Pathway Partnership 


KEPI Audio and Visual 

KEPI on Soundcloud

KEPI on YouTube, where you can see videos about apps in the classroom, the behind the scenes of research papers, and more