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Sustainable Agriculture Student Association

Sustainable Agriculture Student Association (SASA) serves to provide students in the Sustainable Agriculture program with an outlet through which they can participate more meaningfully in the program during their stay. One of our main goals is the fostering of a community around the program through social events, skills training, funding trips to conferences, food forests, or to visit different farming practices.

The Executive Committee's 2015 goals:
  • creating more event opportunities
  • more collaboration with students and the community
  • information session with ISFS bridging the gap between students and the department.

How can students contribute to SASA and get the most out of it? Any BASc student can bring their event ideas to the monthly meetings. SASA also has a Facebook group where students can share ideas, events and stay in touch during the semester! If you are not a Sustainable Agriculture student, but you are interested in collaborating with SASA, you can contact them by email

What has SASA been up to in the past year? Last year we sent 4 students down to Washington State for the annual Tilth conference, funding was provided for students to attend the BC Seed Gathering, and the Roockstar Farmer Frederic Theriault workshop. We are currently working on a soup kitchen project, which is aimed at providing free lunches to students on campus. Next spring we hope to have a pruning business to provide pruning training and make money to pay for more events.  Eventually we would like to host speakers and workshops for community members to attend and learn. 
For local agricultural event listings, please visit our Sustainable Agriculture & Food System Calendar

Meet the 2015 Executive Committee 

(Pictured from left to right)

Rebecca Kilford, President – Rebecca got involved in SASA to help create opportunities, provide support and a learning outlet for Sustainable Agriculture students. Her goals for this year is to get more students involved in SASA, and to build a database to pass onto future executives. 

Jessica Hill, Secretary – Jessica just joined the executive committee this month. She decided to join SASA to collaborate with other students and help make ideas come to life. Jessica believes in rebuilding communities through food and enjoys bringing people together to make positive connections. Her goals for this year are to plan more events for SASA, create more student involvement, and get student project ideas off the ground.

Johanna Walker, Vice President - this is Johanna's 2nd year in the Sustainable Agriculture Program at Kwantlen. She grew up and still lives in Langley on a sheep farm just outside of Walnut Grove. She is committed to encouraging a greater involvement by students who are not currently involved in SASA and those who will be starting in the program in September of this year. Johanna believes that a student association is nothing without student involvement, and the more students they can get involved the more we can do for the good of the program and for agriculture in the Fraser Valley. 

Samantha Graham, Treasurer - This is Samantha's second term as treasurer. Her favorite part of being involved with the student association is when someone presents a great idea for an event or project and people work together to make it happen. She would like to work this year on creating more opportunities to connect students with like-minded people in the community. Specifically, Samantha  would like to get us on more outings like the trip last year to the Seattle Beacon Food Forest, where SASA can provide work exchange for a chance to network and see what others are doing to create a more sustainable food system. 


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